Party Ideas

Party Ideas

Windy City Novelties brings you the latest and greatest articles related to parties. Party Ideas that range from the holidays, theme parties, birthdays and special occasion party ideas are what you can expect to find in this section.

April Fools Day Pranks

Better make the most of it! This is the one day of the year when you get the chance to play a trick on somebody and can claim to have a good reason for it other than being a jerk.

This is also the best time to video tape your efforts and post it on YouTube for all to see.

What Makes a Good Prank/Joke?

This is where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What may seem brilliant and hilarious to you may not be to others (especially not the person on the receiving end).

This also depends on the complexity of your prank/joke. Are you just slipping a whoopee cushion under someone? Or are you smacking them in the face with a wad of baking flour?

Try to take into consideration how the other person will feel after being pranked. Why do this, you ask? Because many people are apt to take revenge. The old axiom, “An Eye for an Eye” usually holds true with pranks. So if you are ready to dish it out be sure you are ready to take it.

Prank/Joke Ideas

The possibilities are truly endless. Just try and work within what is logistically possible. Don’t make a Rube Goldberg machine to prank someone just keep it nice and simple. -Since we’ve already mentioned it, you can’t go wrong with a good fart gag. You can go traditional with the whoopee cushion or you can use “fart” bomb bags. These products are simple, but effective. Just squeeze the bomb bag to active, toss to the floor and run. It will explode (be careful) and smell awful.

-We have also talked about throwing baking flour at someone. This is easy to pull off, but no fun to clean. Just get a handful of flour and wait for the right moment (like someone rounding a corner) to unleash it. -Another classic is the hand buzzer. Made famous long ago, this item will give your victim a good startling. Perfect for pranking kids and anyone else you’d rather not hit with flour.

-Putting clear plastic (saran) wrap across the toilet is another classic sure to get a reaction. This one can definitely cause a mess though, so be thoughtful about doing it.

-If your sink at home has a pull out spray attachment with a squeezable handle, use a rubber band to hold the handle in the ‘on’ position. The next time someone turns the water on, the hose will be activated and they will be wet!

-Computer pranks can be fun; there are many videos on the web that purport to be something they are not. Find a video that tricks the viewer into looking closely at the screen for something only to quickly change the image to something scary with a loud noise! Share it with your friends as something neat you found and then wait for them to jump!

-If you have linoleum floors in your kitchen, try putting something slick like Crisco down. Wait for someone to head for a snack and watch them take a tumble! -Chinese Finger Traps are best used on kids. Just offer it up to them as a toy and watch the epic struggle begin.

-Switching items around is a prank you can pull almost anywhere. Switch cereal bags into different boxes, switch contents of drawers, switch car radio station presets, anything!

-In the office, try covering someone’s items with tin foil or wrapping paper!

-Use a post-it to cover the bottom of someone’s computer mouse so it won’t work, then when they flip it over, have a clever message written on the post it to greet them!

-Kidnap an item from someone! Take their favorite stuffed animal, coffee mug, or other item they cling to and leave a ransom note (use cut out letters from magazines if you can). If you have some string, tie the object to a chair and snap a photo while you’re at it! Leave it all for the person to find and let the games begin!

-You can also take an item and then place it in a jell-o mold. Your victim will have to reach on in or eat their way to it!


If you feel your prank will be funny for others to see, by all means, film it! Or take pictures of the person’s reaction immediately after they prank. Even if they are mad, they will surely be able to laugh about it later especially if it gets thousands of views online!


Remember, those whom you prank are likely to try and get you back, so be sure to be ready for the consequences. If you are someone who has been pranked and you want to get revenge, the best advice is to wait a while. Let your victim think that you have forgotten about what they did. Only then will they let their guard down.

Then, try and do something to one up their prank. If they hit you with flour, you trick them into drinking the jar of fat you have in the fridge. If they wrapped your desk in tin foil, you cover their desk with plastic cups, staple or tape them together at the rims, and fill them with water. They’ll never be able to move it without a flood.

Of course, you have to realize that with each successive prank, you and your victim will be compelled to get the other back until you are tricking them into thinking one of their loved ones has died. That’s when you’ve gone too far. Just be careful with your revenge and don’t let it get out of control.

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