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Quick Tips for Getting Back on Track to Eating and Exercising Right

The end of January is here and for many it is a time that their New Year’s resolutions go out the window. A majority of people give up on New Year’s resolutions that they spent time planning. Two of the most popular resolutions are getting back in shape and eating right. For many, this hasn’t been coming along too well. Windy City Novelties is here to give the advice needed to get back on the right path!

Eating Right

First off, let’s start with food. According to Discover Fit and Health, there are 6 simple rules when it comes to eating right.

1. Avoid Overeating - Humans don’t need to store food for winter. When the feeling of being full is creeping up, stop eating. The body is saying it doesn’t need any more.

2. Think Simple - Food is simply energy for the body, nothing more. When it comes to junk food, always ask, “Why am I eating this?” and “Do I really need this?” Sugars are the worst. Sugar provides instant glucose/energy which will in turn make the body crave more later. It creates fatigue and brain fogginess as well.

3. Eat Natural - Most products that society purchases come from factories. Make it a goal to eat more food coming straight from the earth. Organic is a way to go. It’s more expensive, but healthier.

4. Cut out Chemical Toxins - Artificial sweeteners are bad for anyone; they slow down the body’s natural metabolism. They are found in diet sodas and sugar free products. Every time there is a craving for a soda, grab a cold refreshing bottle of water instead.

5. Control the Portion Size on the Plate - Watch the food intake. Cut meal sizes in half or when at a restaurant, ask the waiter to split the meal in two; half for now and half boxed up for a later meal. Also eat slowly. This will keep the metabolism speedy.

6. Take’s Time - Nothing happens overnight, things take time. Pick a couple small goals every week to accomplish and go from there.


Along with eating right, exercising plays a huge role with getting into shape. Gyms can not only be expensive, but a hassle with busy schedules. There are simple exercises that can be done at home that don’t require any equipment.

- Fast Walking - This is a great aerobic exercise and better for burning fat as opposed to just regular walking. When doing this exercise, make sure to stay at the same pace and to increase the workout, add weights to the ankles and wrists or hands. This should be done for 30 minutes a day.

- Jumping Jacks - Jumping jacks are a whole body aerobic workout. To get the best results, do 5 sets of 20.

- Jump Rope - This is the perfect exercise to get the heart beat up and blood pumping before starting any workout. Jump rope is a great 5 minute warm-up!

- Squats - Squats are primarily for the leg muscles and buttock. To do a proper squat, place the feet shoulder width apart and squat down pushing the buttock out keeping the knees above the feet. Do this 20 times in 3 sets. For added difficulty, hold weights as this is being done.

- Push-Ups - This exercise is for strength training as the arms support 70% of the body weight throughout the push up. Make sure to do full push-ups and go all the way down opposed to half way down. This should be done in 3 sets of 20 push-ups.

- Hip Raises - Lie down with the back on the floor, arms stretched out to the sides, palms up, and feet on the ground with the knees bent upward. Tighten the stomach and glutes while lifting the hips to the ceiling and holding for a few seconds, then slowly lower. This should be repeated 10 times.

- Planks - Planks can either be done on the side or on the stomach. For side planks, lie on the side with the body completely straight. Prop the body up on the elbow touching the floor with the other arm lying on top of the body. One foot should be placed directly over the other foot. Hold this for 45 seconds and repeat 3 times. This should be done on both sides for a total of 6 sets. For stomach planks, lie on the stomach and prop the body up on both elbows with feet together, being held up by the toes. Hold for 45 seconds and repeat 3 times.

- Lunges - Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and arms down at the sides. Take a step forward with the right foot, lower the left knee toward the floor without touching it and move the arms straight above the head. The right foot should be directly over the ankle. Move the left foot forward so it is even with the right as the body is once again straight with arms at the sides. This is then done on the left side. Repeat this 20 times on each side for 3 sets.

- Crunches - There are a variety of ways to do crunches; regular, reverse, twist, side, cable and more. Crunches are essential for a strong core and getting rid of side and tummy fat. With all varieties of crunches, try at least 4 sets of 25 crunches. If able, do more.

To make sure that everything is going as planned, keep track of what is being done every day and how much weight is lost. Some love to use a fundraising meter with their goal weight labeled on the top. It adds inspiration to keep working hard as the meter gets closer to the overall goal weight.

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