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Get Free Shipping On Orders $69+ | Use Code:  FREESHIP OR Choose Your Own Promo CLICK HERE >
Get Free Shipping On Orders $69+ | Use Code:  FREESHIP OR Choose Your Own Promo CLICK HERE >

Top Glow and Light Up Accessories for the Summer Concert Season

Get ready for Summer concerts and outdoor music festivals with Windy City Novelties' supply of glow and light up accessories

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Top Glow and Light Up Accessories for the Summer Concert Season

May 22, 2013

You might be ankle-deep in mud after a sudden summer rainstorm, jammed tight with thousands of other music fans waiting for the show to begin or running from venue to venue to catch your favorite bands in concert, but the summer music festival season is worth every minute of manic fun, so you should come prepared to light up the night on your own with Glow Novelties.  Here are 8 great ways to light up the concert season this year.

1. The Supreme Glow Mega Party Pack is a great place to start your concert season right. Perfectly packed for 8 guests, this mega glow pack comes with 8 pairs of glow eyeglasses, 8 pairs of glow clip on earrings, 16 pieces of 8" glow bracelets, 8 assorted 4" glow sticks with lanyards and 16 pieces of 11" glow sticks which connect to make 8 glow necklaces.  The mega size Supreme Glow Party Kit is sold by the kit for only $9.79.  

supreme glow mega party pack

2. Show up at the concert with LED Hats in any of 8 different colors and you’ll not only be able to keep track of each other, you’ll be in full-on LED mode the whole night. There are LED hats for every style and every concert you attend. The Gold Sequin LED Fedora is great for clubbing or for indoor or outdoor concerts. Or get a little unique with any color of noodle cap, like this Blue Light Up Noodle Cap.

blue light up noodle cap

3. LED Tee Shirts are nothing short of concert worthy. And nothing says CONCERT like this Peace Sign LED T-shirt. This graphic tee shirt with Peace Sign display has an  L.E.D. patch built on at the chest. It even has a sound activated display if you choose to make a little noise on your own.

peace sign LED t-shirt

4. Make an equally simple statement with the Gradient Heart Tee Shirt featuring a heart-shaped design that lights up from bottom to top. Tell them it’s activated by music and they’ll never know the difference. They might even stare at you and go “Wow.” But we can’t make any promises. In truth this is a really subtle and beautifully designed tee shirt.

gradient heart LED t-shirt

5. If you really want to stun your fellow concertgoers, try on this Graphic Equalizer Electro Luminescent T-Shirt. The graphic display on the front looks just like the Equalizer on your music system and the LED quality of the lighting is frankly quite mesmerizing. Don’t forget to look up at the band when you get to the concert. But at least your tee will keep you occupied between sets.

graphic equalizer electro luminescent t-shirt

6. A fan to cool off is a good idea on for outdoor concerts. That’s especially true if you might find yourself jammed thick with hundreds of other concertgoers and need a little breeze in your face to keep from nodding out. LED Fans are just the ticket. These fans are portable and light up when you turn them on for a little cool air when you need it. The Black Light Up Fan is a music fan favorite. Check it out. You’ll see why.

black light up fan

7. Musical Body Lights like Blinky Guitars and Flashing Guitar add a little fun to your concert outfit.  These blinky and flashing items will allow you to stand out.  They make for a good group accessory in this way as you will be able to find your friends at packed venues.

blinky guitars

8. Stock up on Glow Necklaces and Premium Glow Sticks and you’ll be ready to light up as soon as the lights go down and the music starts. It’s fun to bring a little bling to the concert and set your group of friends aglow with Glow Products from Glow Bracelets to Glow Drinkware for your after concert celebrations.

22 inch green red and blue glow necklaces

Concert season is a lot more fun when you come ready to light up, and you can get what you need for the entire concert season for far less than the price of a single ticket when you head to Windy City Novelties.

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