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Item#: BAL017UN

White LED Dec-O-Lite Decoration And Economy Balloon Light

White Led Dec-O-Lite Decoration And Economy Balloon Light

Availability: Out of stock

  • Quantity Price
  • Per bag (25 pieces), 1 - 9 bags.    $21.15
  • Per bag (25 pieces), 10+ bags.    $19.05
  • For Larger Quantities Please Call 1 800 442 9722
Product Information

Product Description

ELECTRIC BALLOON LIGHTS ... Re-introduced by popular request - NEW and IMPROVED! WHITE BALLOON LIGHTS / DEC-O-LITES . Our patented, custom made, electonic flashing or CONTINUOUS ON- decorator lights will illuminate the inside of any 11" or larger latex balloon but its primary function is for general decorating purposes. Accent centerpieces and table decorations with light for holidays and special events. This Product uses a ultra powerful White L.E.D. built onto a Ultra Light-Weight computer chip. Please see the Youtube Video below to show how to utilize inside of latex balloons. This product now has 3 modes: Fast Flash, Slow Flash or Continuous On. Packed in a poly bag of 25 pieces. The attached string is designed to prevent the light from being expelled from the balloon should the balloon pop. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE SAFETY STRING. Please order in increments of 1 bag (25 pieces) PATENT # 5,947,581
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Customer Reviews

too many bed ones this time Review by Mikhail

I am an event decorator, use the lights from time to time. Looks great!

(Posted on 1/13/14)

Works Perfect Review by Volunteer

Needed a way to light up celebration cards for a cancer event and putting this on the stake worked great. Inexpensive and so easy to use.

(Posted on 9/14/13)

Fast Delivery and Nice Products Review by Michelle 1

Fast delivery and great products

(Posted on 9/9/13)

liked these....a little too heavy Review by shorty


(Posted on 6/25/13)

Great Products Review by Kathi the coord

We put on a Project Graduation Event for the Senior Class. Theme was 80's with Neon colors, we bought many prodcuts from Windy City, everything was great, and the products were all a great value. We bought the blinking lights to jazz up some signs and put them in Helium balloons. What a super effect when they entered a dark gym with a rock band - neon colors with blinking lights and we also bou

(Posted on 6/9/13)

Repeat purchaser Review by Trisha

Our school participates yearly in our local Relay For Life event and we have purchased, the past 6 years, the clear LED Dec-O-Lites to place in purple balloons that we give to the cancer survivors at the event. They have come to look forward to recceiving this gift from our children. Thank you for making this product available at such a minimal cost.....they make over 100 people handy at this ye

(Posted on 5/12/13)

Centerpiece/Balloon Highlight Review by Ms Moe

I used them in balloons I purchased as well as a hidden reflect in my centerpieces.

(Posted on 5/7/13)

Great value and lots of fun Review by Artist

Used in prom props as camera flash. Also used in corsage/flowers for prom and the teens loved it.

(Posted on 5/1/13)

Great product...not just for balloons Review by Rosie

Not only do I use these lights for balloons but I attach them to centerpieces to give it that extra pop.

(Posted on 4/15/13)

LED Deco lites Review by koffeej

i used them inside balloon for a party

(Posted on 4/14/13)

Excellent product Review by Z

Love these lights. Last a long time as well. Use these for my daughters sweet sixteen party, in the balloons, centerpieces and candy bar.

(Posted on 2/16/13)

So many uses Review by Margritc

I usually cut the string off these balloon lights, just easier to handle that way. I insert them in the balloon and then inflate. You can turn them on easily while in the balloon, just before the party and you can reuse them if there is battery life left.

I have even used them with water beads. I just heat sealed them in in plastic and placed them in the bottom of the container (no water, just be

(Posted on 2/5/13)

Definitely recommend these! Review by Balloon dude

Once I figured out to place both fingers inside the balloon, stretch it open, and drop the disc inside, using these was a breeze! Haven't found a better deal on balloon lights either

(Posted on 2/4/13)

LED lights for balloons Review by Sweetest Knight

This product works great! Thank you!

(Posted on 11/7/12)

a GREAT buy!!!! Review by t-mak!

I used these lights for a Hollywood themed party, where I took the paparazzi silhouets, proped them on white cardboard and placed these lightes behind the cardboard. The lights came in 3 different modes. I set each light on a different setting and it gave off a brilliant FLASH that gave the look and feel of the paparpazzi taking pictures as guest walked the red carpet!!! It was creative and inexpe

(Posted on 11/6/12)

Tiny powerhouse Review by Carmen

I utilize them on a silver, multi- stranded sculptor. I cut off the strings and paint them silver and they clip to each silver strand. (See image)

(Posted on 9/19/12)

"Great eye catcher!" Review by Tiny

I use them as accent lighting. Clusters together in helium balloons gives the ceiling an effect as if your are dancing under the stars.

(Posted on 8/13/12)

Will buy over and over Review by talimrtz

As long as you follow directions, your light will last all night. This is my second time purchasing and will do it again for my next evening event.

(Posted on 8/12/12)

Fantastic! Review by Civic Mom

Lights were bright and still working after 8 hours. Liked that they had blink/ no blink options. Used for out door festival in town, suspended the lights in Paper Lanterns... wonderful affect.

(Posted on 8/12/12)

Dec-O-Lites Review by Rolena

I wish you got more for the price. Those that work, work well but, there were a few that did not work. They lit up the centerpieces beautifully.

(Posted on 7/30/12)

Fine product for our needs Review by A Compulsive Vo

We used the lights to enhance our "Avatar" themed hallway for our graduation night party. It was handy to let them flash on the "flying" insects and be still to add glow to the plant life.

(Posted on 6/20/12)

White L.E.D. balloon lights Review by Tonia

The lights worked well. It was a little difficult to get the lights inside of the balloons and then blown up with helium. I'm sure there is a trick I didn't know. But the result were nice.... nice addition to the party.

(Posted on 6/17/12)

Flash Photography Anyone? Review by Sweet 16's Mom

AMAZING!!! These were the best item we bought for the Hollywood themed party for my daughters Sweet 16. We placed them around the room on tables and also used them with the Paparazzi Props. I loved these and so did everyone else.

(Posted on 5/14/12)

I love these lights Review by Jenny

I have used these lights many times for our church Joy Prom and they make the balloon arrangements over the tables just pop out. I like the 3 different setting modes. While it takes a little getting used to placing them inside the balloons I have found that I can leave the balloon slightly underinflated and as long as the light is kept pulled down near the neck of the balloon I can activate the li

(Posted on 5/8/12)


Product delivered just as described on website

(Posted on 4/30/12)

I liked this product but want more Review by Party balloon c

I love the speeding delivery and price was ok too. I decorate party events with balloons and I need lots of lighting inside the balloons. I liked the size. I just wish it was a stronger light and lasted longer. I had to use 3 or more to get the effect I wanted. It was a little pricey for me because I had to use so many in each balloon.

(Posted on 4/9/12)

Take it to the next level Review by Party Planner

Used the product for a 50th birthday party and it was a great addition to the decor, especially when the light were low while dancing. Can't say anything negative about the product.

(Posted on 3/25/12)

Best Balloon lights for the price! Review by Tricia

These lights a bit hard to get into the balloons at first, once you get the hang of it, it goes fast. For those coming after me, I will tell you how I did it. Put your two fingers inside the balloon and stretch the opening, drop the light in. At first you will think you can not do this by yourself, but you figure it out quick. If you are going to use these on the floor without helium or a low ceil

(Posted on 3/20/12)

total WOW factor Review by dj's momma

I filled up an entire bar with ballons and these wonderful LED lights "Glow Ballons" for my Dj son's birthday bash and the "Awwwww WOW" factor was totally apparent when they started entering the establishment! Amazingly these lil guys were still going strong the next day. love, love, loved them!:)

(Posted on 3/11/12)

Just what I was looking for Review by Balloon Mom

I am frequently asked to decorate for family parties and social functions, and these bright, light balloon lights are just what I have been looking for, and very cheap. The ones I used before weighted down the balloons but these are perfect, and easy to use, unique. Thanks!

(Posted on 3/9/12)

Great Product Review by ldg

We assembled these for a memorial service in place of candles. The visual impact of the balloons in the dark was stunning. (steady light setting). They were easy to assemble and very affordable. Will be purchasing for next years service and a Sweet 16 party.

(Posted on 12/6/11)

excellent for a wide applications, vgood Review by Fernando smile

UFO design, Cars decorations, SEX activities, Flags designs, Industrial Security, Helmet night security, Children security, stationay signal for emergency situations.

(Posted on 11/4/11)

Just right for my needs Review by Louella the bal

Used these lites inside printed balloons for a small balloon release...Lites were plenty bright and lasted all the hours we needed them...The three blinking speeds were a nice touch also..I plan on using these again..

(Posted on 10/30/11)

Incredible for the price Review by Dane

I have been installing these into disposable signs and trade show displays for several years. For the price they always amaze me. They consistently run 8-10 hours a day for three days in a row with minimal loss of brightness when blinking. If left to run continuously blinking many will run for two weeks, though the brightness fades as the batteries drain.

(Posted on 10/27/11)

great for any party Review by vanessa

was great inside the ballom

(Posted on 10/7/11)

Amazing product! Review by Brenda

Used these in the bottom of silver centrepieces which contained blue glass votives. Topped the lights with clear wrapped mint candies which made them glow! These are the brightest and most brilliant I have ever used. They are definitely longer lasting than any others I have tried before. Love the fact you can adjust the flicker and use them over and over! We used them for 5 hours - none of them

(Posted on 10/1/11)

I recommend these to EVERYone! Review by Cookie

I can use these wherever I need a bit of sparkle or light! They are just perfect!

(Posted on 9/28/11)

great! Review by N/A

I used this product in combination with another product.

(Posted on 9/22/11)

I would buy this product again! Review by Mel-Mel

I used this product in ballons and to help light the food table, along with using them to accent certain designs. I used them at my daughters reception. Everyone loved them.

(Posted on 9/18/11)

LED Lights Review by Trekfan

Used in balloons at a party. Lasted quite a while, but a few died out early. Overall they worked very well and I was happy with the purchase. It would be great if there was a way to turn them on AFTER inserting in balloon. Less battery life would be wasted.

(Posted on 8/28/11)

I would buy this product again Review by Mom

I purchased these for my son's birthday party, I had ordered enough to put inside the balloons and also used some of the others for inside the small candle holders, that were placed on tables. They are bright and looked great, the on/off button is great I can save them for future parties. I highly recommend these. The balloons looked great, and there is 3 different settings.

(Posted on 7/20/11)

Very fun Review by Dance organizer

These were perfect for the glow-in-the-dark theme however it needs to be quite dark for their full effects. They did not last as long as one would like and they are something of a challenge to insert and make work. That being said, they really are cool if it is dark!

(Posted on 7/13/11)

I might buy again Review by mary

I would buy this product again if the brightness of the light is improve.

(Posted on 7/7/11)

put out alot of light !! Review by sweet p

I used them in votive candles ..i used them in Balloons,centerpeices..they were very easy to turn off and on ...

(Posted on 6/4/11)

purchased for prom Review by Prom lady

They were too heavy for heleium filled balloons - They were small and worked well in areas that would have been hard to put string lites in. They came super fast - would order them again - I am going to try them in helieum balloons again - may have been the kids decorating.

(Posted on 6/1/11)

I would buy this product again Review by yoli765

This is the coolest thing I have every seen. I have used this product for my daughters b'day/graduation party and everyone was surprise when they walked in the place and saw all the flashing balloons.

(Posted on 5/31/11)

great idea that worked well Review by Mom

We used in balloon clouds for after prom party.
They worked great and looked good when the lights were dimmed.

(Posted on 5/31/11)

Used for balloon release, beautiful! Review by MelissaEinTN

As many of the previous reviews stated, I was pretty disappointed when the one pack of 25 that I ordered included 7 duds. But nonetheless, they were beautiful in the pink & purples balloons that we used for a release on my daughters 5th birthday. (Rapunzel party theme, used these to immitate the lanterns that are released in the Tangled movie and yes, yes, I did a ton of research on letting these

(Posted on 5/13/11)

Cool - but plan ahead Review by Drucker Student

We filled a ceiling for a graduation dance. Perfect for a festive night event. The downside was that half of our balloons were a darker color where the blinking lights weren't as bright.

(Posted on 5/11/11)

Most lights did not work. Review by KJH

Hosted a big fundraiser, thought it would be great to have balloons w/lights, however, after adding helium to the balloons, most of the lights did not work. Very disappointed.

(Posted on 5/10/11)

Loved them! Review by Debbi the Prom

Used some of these at prom. They were fantastic. Lit them a couple of hours before prom and were still growing strong when prom was over. Some people had never seen balloon lights (first time I've ever used them, too), and they were in awe and kept asking how we did it. A hit!

(Posted on 5/10/11)

. Review by pam

Convenient but not very bright. Will only work on the smallest of balloons.

(Posted on 5/10/11)

This product is awesome Review by Yoli765

This product makes and celebration perfect and fun to decorate the place.

(Posted on 5/10/11)

A Spectacular Decoration Review by Patti

Product was used for a Sweet Sixteen Glow in the Dark Party. They were a BIG HIT!!! Even the DJ asked where I bought them from. Thank you for a great product.

(Posted on 5/10/11)

Using in Parades on my classic Mercurys! Review by Mercury Bruce

I am attaching these to the hoods and trunks of a blue 1965 Mercury convertible and a red 1972 Mercury convertible that my wife and I drive in area parades, especially on holidays. These flashing lites catch the spectators' attention and we get many "thumbs up" from them! We usually decorate the cars patriotically.

(Posted on 5/10/11)

led lights Review by Texas gal

I used these little lights inside clear votive candle holders filled with glass marbles. The marbles diffused the light beautifully. I also used them to light up some port-a-potties overnight. They last and last. Loved them.

(Posted on 5/10/11)

fun item Review by jessica

this was a great idea. im glad i decided to order these. i recieved lots of great comments!

(Posted on 3/22/11)

Not as bright as expected. Review by Hostess in Okla

[...]. After inserting them into the balloons, the force of the helium entering the balloons would cause the light to fly around inside and popped many of the balloons. We released them at night in hopes that they (white balloons and white lights) would make beautiful lit orbs in the sky but really didn't.

(Posted on 3/22/11)

white L.E.D DEC-O-LITE BALLON LIGHTS Review by Kimmie

I put lights in ballons and made centerpieces.

(Posted on 3/22/11)

SAVE YOUR MONEY Review by Selsaas

I bought this product to light a large helium filled balloon. There was literally no light shining through the latex, the balloon was pink, so it shouldn't have been too dark. Very disappointed in the fact that the product was subpar [...]

(Posted on 1/31/11)

They worked great loved them! Review by Dava

We used these for our New Years event for our youth group, it made our auditorium look amazing. I would recommend them for your next event.
I can't think of any bad things to say about them. They where great.

(Posted on 1/31/11)

These are a must have for decorating Review by Gstew

Good points: Lights last for a long time and you can use this to light up centerpieces, balloons, poster boards, etc.

(Posted on 1/20/11)

Adds to look of balloons Review by Party time

Add to decor

(Posted on 1/18/11)

"Memorized item number" Review by Bsexxy

These lights were wonderful and long lasting! Placed them in ballons, in vases etc. Will keep these handy for all functions!

(Posted on 1/6/11)

Great product Review by Great

Great product. good for lost of uses. Balloons, costumes, Etc.

(Posted on 1/6/11)

Great Item Review by JMG Teacher

Used item for balloons that would be displayed outside. Had a great effect and it was an attention getter. Loved them.

(Posted on 1/5/11)

Had everyone asking how it was done Review by wedding planner

These were used at a reception. Turning them on as they are put in the balloons is easiest, but they won't last all day. You need to under fill balloons a little to activate the switch. Guests arrived during daylight the lights were barely visible, as it got darker they were much more noticeable.

(Posted on 1/5/11)

Neat Little Light Review by SKG

These were great for Halloween decorations!

(Posted on 1/5/11)

Bright, compact LED lights! Review by Skoot

Used this to illuminate a halloween costume. These mini LED lights are super bright and provided the right amount of "sparkle" to our outfits. It's great that they come in a large bag.We ripped off the strings to make each piece less messy.

(Posted on 12/22/10)

Works great! Review by D.A.

I use this in trade show displays. I insert the LED through small holes drilled in signs to attract attention. The batteries easily last through a 4 day long trade show (turning them off at night) and the different blinking lights do attract attention.

(Posted on 12/21/10)



(Posted on 12/1/10)

Easy to use, if you follow the direction Review by bbq forever

These were a great addition to our midnight bar-b-que last weekend. While not as easy to use as the Lumiloons that I've purchased before, they were considerably cheaper and did a great job for a dark night.

(Posted on 5/27/10)

Not Impressed! Review by Triplet Mom

Well they were not as bright as I have seen. Need the ones with 3 lights inside. String broke off almost all of them which made it almost impossible to turn them on. When I was able to find the light inside the ballon with the string broken, the ballon would pop when I was tring to to turn them on. When you have 50 to blow up and they are all popping, the string broken you will be very frusterate

(Posted on 5/23/10)

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