Windy City Novelties

Glow Bunny Ears

$8.50 Per 6 pack

Availablity: In-stock

Getting ready for another night of fun and enjoyment with your family and friends? We got you covered! Our assorted Glow Bunny Ears headbands are a perfect accessory for rave parties, nightclubs, and any after-the-night party. The widest point of this headband is 8" wide and from top to bottom is 7" long. Each attractive retail packaging contains 3 glow sticks, 3 connectors, and 1 headband piece. Follow these 2 simple steps to assemble and activate the glowing headband. First, bend and shake the glow sticks. Second, attach the glow sticks to the headband piece using the connectors. These are sold 6 pieces of glow headbands to a pack of assorted colors of green, pink, and blue. Please order in increments of 1 pack.