Checkered Flag 20" Bandanas

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Our Checkered Flag bandanas are perfect for racing fans and parties! Adorn our Checkered Flag racing bandanas at Indy Car races, NASCAR or any other racing event. Wave a Checkered Flag bandana to cheer on your favorite runner, cyclist, or swimmer. Use this black & white Checkered Flag bandana as a napkin or placemat. Gather friends to watch the Tour de France, Olympic races, or local marathon and hand out Checkered Flag bandanas as party favors. Use a racing bandana to tie up party-favor bundles. Lay racing bandanas out on tables to add pizzazz to your every day or celebratory decor.

Dress up your pet! Add a frame to our Checkered Flag bandanas for some bold, geometric wall art. Crafters can these bandanas into table cloths or table runners for a table setting. You could even stitch your Checkered Flag bandanas into a quilt or blanket that would be perfect for a picnic. These Checkered Flag bandanas are 20" cloth squares and are sold by the dozen.

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  Useful Bandanas Win The Race!
By Cubmaster Phill in US , 03/22/11
We used these bandanas to indicate the race officials for the Pine Wood Derby. They are slightly short to be used as headbands, but we made them work for that purpose.
  Bandana or Cloth Napkin?
By Shelby Phillips in US , 05/10/10
I took these bandanas and turned them into cloth napkins, what a great way to repurpose a perfectly themed item! Find more great ideas for serving food at your NASCAR bbq by checking out the Food & Beverage video clip for Father's Day at

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  • Checkered Flag 20" Bandanas

$29.95 Per 12 pack