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Create a fun and whimsical atmosphere with our mini bubble machine maker. This portable machine is easily carried from party to party and will turn out tons of bubbles automatically. Requires 4 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED), and a jar of Bubbles is included. Great for a prize or party favor. Packed complete in a small gift box. Please order in increments of 1 pack. A brief Note about Bubbles: When Bubbles leave our shipping dock, they are filled to the top with bubble juice. During transit to you several things may happen. 1. They could leak due to rough handling. 2. They could freeze (during winter). 3. They could evaporate. We have found that this happens very rarely but on the occasion they do we recommend you refill the bottles with a soapy (detergent) water solution. It will work as well as our genuine bubble juice. Since this is a problem experienced by all wholesalers we will not be able to accept claims for credit or replacement of bubble bottles that are not totally full. Thank you for your understanding.
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  works-after we worked on it
By Happy kids happ in US , 01/26/12
Did not work on arrival. Husband fixed it and it works now. Not sure how long since it is very flimsy. Does make bubbles now :)
  personal bubble
By upbeat jan in US , 06/30/11
you certainly can't make a shower of bubbles by it was great item to entertain the small kids. it was great gift for personal use. its perfect that the batteries can be switch off.
  A TOTAL waste of money!!!
By Kassy C in US , 02/04/11
Bubbles are always fun at parties but unfortunately only when the bubble machine works! Popped in the batteries and we heard the motor running but no bubbles were coming out. My friend and I realized that the fan wasn't spinning and after several minutes of detaching and reattaching it we gave up and threw the darn thing in the dumpster! What a waste!
  sent 2 back did not work
By NW Broadcast Ev in US , 01/10/11
I bought this for my sons birthday party and you get not battery Needs 4AA or a 3V DC both not included. 1st one that was shipped the bubble spinner part did not spin then had a 2nd one shipped and the same thing was wrong with it. I would not order [...] sells a better one for a few dollars more [...].

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$5.69 Each