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Make your Own Snow Globe Birthday Party Craft Idea

A perfect craft for a child's Winter birthday, host a build your own snow globe party!

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Make your Own Snow Globe Birthday Party Craft Idea

February 3, 2013

The Idea

Like a child can’t resist staring out the window, watching in wonder as the snow falls and dreaming of flying down the hills on their sled, most children can't resist shaking a pretty snow globe and watching the fake snow fly around the whimsical scenes trapped inside.  This winter, when the snow is flying and wind is blowing too hard for the kids to be playing outside, why not let them enjoy a little wintertime fun indoors and host a Make Your Own Snow Globe Party for your child and a few of her friends?  With the right supplies and a little supervision, this simple craft project is the perfect way to pass a blustery winter afternoon!

Preparing for the Snow Globe Party 

Whether it's for your child's next birthday party or you are trying to keep them occupied during winter break, having the kids make their own snow globe is not only a great art project but it also gives the kids the perfect party favor!  Plan for your snow globe party by setting up a table where the kids can spread out to work on their projects.   Cover the table with a white frosted tablecloth to protect it from any drips and spills and place a paper plate at each seat to hold supplies like glue, paint brushes, glitter, bells, ribbon, and paint for each snow globe.  For a festive touch, use Nordic snow plates to go along with your snow globe theme!  By having a plate with supplies for each child, you'll reduce the risk of squabbles.  Each child will also need a glass jar with a lid that will screw on tightly.  Baby food, canning, jelly, or any other clear jar will work for this project.

Build a Custom Snow Scene

Let the children pick what they want to build their snow globe scene out of.  Plastic toys, including rubber ducks, plastic horses, sprigs of artificial trees or holly, snowflake confetti, and other small items are perfect for this project, although you'll want to stay away from metal items, which will rust.  Glue the items to the inside of the jar lid and allow the glue to dry.  Once the glue has dried, fill the jar with baby oil, mineral oil, or distilled water with a dash of glycerin.  Add some glitter for "snow" and screw the lid on tightly, adding glue around the edge to form a tight seal.  Flip your snow globe over, give it a shake, and watch the snow settle over your custom scene!


Since your snow globe creations will need to dry in between the various steps, you'll need to have some snacks ready to keep the kids busy while the glue is drying, plus, what's a party without some tasty treats?  Serve up some cupcakes, complete with white frosting dusted with white sanding sugar to look like snow, on a festive snowman serving platter or, if you're not worried about the mess, set up a cupcake and cocoa bar and let the kids decorate their own cupcakes with various flavors of frostings, including buttercream, chocolate, lemon, or vanilla, and fun toppings like sprinkles, nuts, crushed candies and cookies, and chocolate chips and create their own hot chocolate concoctions.  With hot mugs of steaming cocoa, the kids can garnish their drinks with peppermint sticks, chocolate shavings, cinnamon, nutmeg, flavored syrups, and whipped cream. 

While it might now be the typical winter party, for crafty kids, making their own snow globes will be a fun and festive change from the everyday parties their used to, making your party one they'll remember fondly, even after the snow outside has melted! 

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