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Add a Twist to a Traditional Cocktail Party with LED and Glow Drinkware

Party ideas and planning guide for a glow in the dark cocktail party

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Add a Twist to a Traditional Cocktail Party with LED and Glow Drinkware

June 4, 2013

Sometimes you need to take a traditional cocktail party and give it a nontraditional twist.  This summer, invite your friends and neighbors over for a glow in the dark cocktail party featuring fabulous glow products and LED drinkware! Far from stuffy and formal, a glow in the dark cocktail party is perfect for a laid back summer evening where you and your friends can get together to relax, enjoy some tasty summer treats and few adult beverages while the summer breezes blow. 

Invite Your Party Guests

Spread the word with simple email invitations letting everyone know to head on over as dusk falls.  Since this is a casual affair, encourage everyone to come in their favorite flip-flops or Hawaiian shirts and if you’re trying to cut down on costs, ask everyone to bring the makings for their favorite summer cocktail as well. 

Keep an eye on the weather forecast to make sure Mother Nature is going to cooperate and have a backup plan in case she decides to rain on your big day.  If you have the funds, rent a tent to keep the rain out, or have a rain date set up just in case.  If all else fails, you can always move the party into the garage! 

Preparing for Your Glow Cocktail Party

You’ll need to start prepping  your outdoor party space a few days before your glow in the dark cocktail party.  Mow the lawn, freshen up the flower beds, clean up any toys that might be lying around, and make sure there are no hazards that guests might trip over.  On the day of the party, give your lawn furniture a final rinse with the hose so it’s nice and clean, toss some blankets and large pillows on the lawn to create seating areas for guests, and place Tiki torches around the perimeter of the yard to keep the mosquitoes at bay. 

Decorate for the Occasion

Create festive table settings by placing fresh flowers in Mason jars with glow sticks in coordinating colors hidden in the middle of each bunch.  This will give each bouquet a surprising punch of color that will make them standout in the evening darkness and delight guests at the same time!  You can also wrap a glow bracelet in the same color around the Mason jar’s mouth for an extra punch of color.   String some twinkle lights through the trees and along the deck railing and light a few citronella candles around the yard and you’ll have set the stage for the perfect summer soiree. 

Prepare the Drinks and Food

Set up a cocktail buffet where guests can pick their poison!  Cover a long table with a simple tablecloth and line up all the drink fixings and cocktail mixers you’ll be supplying for the party.  Include white and red wines, beer, and all the ingredients needed to create popular summer drinks like margaritas, pina coladas, daiquiris of different flavors, and ice cream drinks.  You’ll also want to include plenty of non-alcoholic options for the non-drinkers and designated drivers in the group!  Be sure to have several blenders plugged in and ready to go, crushed ice, garnishes like olives, orange, lemon, and lime slices, cherries, a tray of salt to dip glasses in, and mixers like orange juice, tonic, sweet sour, cranberry juice, and lemonade. 

Get Your Glow and LED Drinkware Ready

To ensure your glow in the dark cocktail party lights up the night, stock your outdoor bar with plenty of LED drinkware, including margarita glasses in festive colors, glow shot glasses so you can ensure your drinks are accurately made, glow tumblers in 16 oz sizes for those guests who want a simple soda or lemonade but don’t want to be left out of the fun, and LED beer steins for the hardcore beer drinkers!  Complete your bar with a few finishing touches like LED cocktail stirrers, glow swizzle sticks, and glow straws!  And of course, no glow party would be complete without LED ice cubes to top off everyone’s drinks! 

As the guests arrive, greet them with a festive glow necklace to get them in the mood for the party (and make sure everyone is visible as the sun goes down!) and invite them to grab their own glow glass and help themselves to the bar!  You’ll need to have some munchies on hand to soak up all that alcohol, so stock a buffet table with plenty of nibbles, including mini sandwiches, chicken wings, eggrolls, chips and dip, fresh veggies, fruit salad, brownies, cookies, and other tasty treats that are easy to replenish as the night goes on.  Keep an eye on the bar and restock as supplies get low and make sure guests don’t get out of hand.  Since they’ll be drinking on your property, it’s up to you to keep everyone safe.  Collect keys as guest arrive and have the number of a local taxi service on hand so you can get everyone home safe at the end of the night. 

A glow in the dark cocktail party is a fun and unique way to enjoy a summer evening with your friends and everyone is sure to have so much fun, don’t be surprised if it becomes an annual event and the talk of the town! 

 For tips, questions, help planning an event or for recipe and craft ideas, email our party experts at for your personal party planner!