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Bottoms Up to Oktoberfest: Essential Drinkware for Your Oktoberfest Celebration

Toast to Oktoberfest: We have all your essential Oktoberfest drinkware. Celebrate this German-originated holiday in style!

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Bottoms Up to Oktoberfest: Essential Drinkware for Your Oktoberfest Celebration

August 16, 2017

Are you ready for Oktoberfest? Get excited, very excited! Just around the corner (starting September 16 and ending October 3), Oktoberfest is a legendary time of year! Now one of the largest festivals in the world, with international recognition, celebration, and flair, Oktoberfest celebrates German culture. But just like its inclusive history, Oktoberfest is a time for people of all backgrounds to get together and celebrate!

Historical Roots: How Did Oktoberfest Get Started, Anyway?

Dating back to 1810, Oktoberfest traces its history back to the wedding of King Ludwig, I and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Originally intended as a royal matrimonial celebration, the citizens of Munich were invited to attend these festivities, which took place at the fields in front of the city gates. The grand celebration that took place, which included horse races, was repeated the year after, later including an Agricultural Show to showcase and support the Bavarian agriculture of the time. The festivities grew grander as the years went by, with beer stands (and later, beer tents) as well as carousels and other “fun-fair” and carnival-like attractions. 

Oktoberfest Drinkware

Oktoberfest Drinkware & Barware

Nothing marks the beginning of Oktoberfest today like its unmistakable and much-needed Oktoberfest beer, lining grocery store shelves during this time of year while also drenching our senses with a portrait of this German-originated festival. Certainly, no Oktoberfest celebration is complete without festive German beer. But when you’re looking to leave a memorable impression on your Oktoberfest guests, authenticity is key. Nothing screams “Cheers!” like toasting to Oktoberfest over a refreshing brew served in one of our traditional German beer stein mugs, complete with multi-flashing LEDs that are sure to add that carnival-like feel to your beer fest. Add even more color with our 12-packs of blue and white ice cubes, or invest in our 24-pack for a bigger celebration! Add a few to your signature German cocktails, served in one of our blue LED and Light-Up glasses or vibrant multicolored LED mason jars and accented with a light-up motion straw, or pass out a round of shots with our blue glow shot glasses!

Das boot! For an extra kick when serving your Oktoberfest brews, try one of our LED boot-shaped mugs! It’s said that this German tradition all started as a form of ritual hazing, when German soldiers were instructed to drink beer out of their own boots as a way to celebrate loyalty. Don’t worry—our beer boots are far less literal! 

As always, we’re here to answer any questions that may arise during your party planning process as well as to provide guidance. We look forward to helping you throw a fun-filled Oktoberfest this season! 

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