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Boys Birthday Party Ideas: Medieval Themed Birthday Party

Check out our guide for hosting a fun medieval themed birthday party with decorations, party supplies, activity ideas and more!

Party Decorating & Planning Ideas Medieval Themed Party Ideas

Boys Birthday Party Ideas: Medieval Themed Birthday Party

October 29, 2013

Throw your little Knight in Shining Armor a medieval theme party for his special birthday! If he and his buddies are old enough, you can take them to the nearest Medieval Times for a night of excitement and fun. Or, throw your own medieval gathering in the comfort of your own home! Transform your party space into a magical castle and serve delicious medieval foods. Here are some ideas for throwing a fabulous medieval birthday celebration for your little guy!


Medieval Decorations

When hosting a medieval party for your son’s party, you may want to turn parts of your home into a castle. Create your own little castle entranceway in the main entrance of your home for the kids to walk up to. If you’re feeling crafty, you can construct your own drawbridge for the garage, front door, etc., with several pieces of cardboard and a couple of plastic chains. Or, you can lay out a stone path runner that children can use to walk right up to the door. On your door, stick on castle entranceway props.


Throughout the hallway to the party area, or in the party area, place knight in armor props along the walls, as seen in many medieval films.


In the party area, add some festive decorations that tie in with the theme of the party. Hang a pennant banner with medieval symbols around the area, along with matching streamers. You could also place more cutout props on the walls, such as medieval flags, pennants or crests.


Medieval Theme Paper Goods

You’ll probably want to serve up some snacks and drinks to the kids at your party, so do so on items that match the theme of your party. Cover the table with a medieval plastic table cover, and serve foods on medieval themed plates that match with the rest of your decorations.


If you think the kids will enjoy it, serve medieval themed foods. Instead of giant turkey legs, you can serve smaller chicken legs, along with mini corn on the cob and cornbread muffins. Serve juice or other beverages in plastic jeweled goblets. And for the birthday cake, try to get a castle cake, or at least a castle, or other medieval image, printed onto the cake.


Medieval Themed Activities

While you’re preparing lunch/dinner, you can have the children play dress-up with medieval attire and let their imaginations take over. Set up a little dress-up area where kids can add medieval pieces of clothing and accessories to their outfits. Throw in some king hats, knight masks, plastic swords and inflatable axes. If girls will be attending this party, you can also add some princess hats and tiaras, plastic jewels, and whatever else you may want to include.

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