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With the NFL Playoffs Underway, Host a Game Watch Party

Cheer your favorite team to victory or just get together to watch some good football games this playoff season

Party Decorating & Planning Ideas Football Party Ideas

With the NFL Playoffs Underway, Host a Game Watch Party

January 9, 2013

Nothing can whip football fans into a frenzy like the NFL playoffs!  The culmination of a season of laughter and tears, joys and heartaches, football fans are ready to cheer on their favorite teams as they vie for a spot in the Super Bowl.  This year, invite your friends over for an NFL playoff party so you can all watch the games while enjoying the company of fellow football fanatics! 

Whether you've got a group of friends you regularly get together with to watch the game or you're new to hosting a football party, hosting an NFL playoff party is a reason to kick your football viewing traditions up a notch!  While you don't need to go all out with the football decorations, a few fun touches will let everyone know that this isn't just a typical Sunday afternoon game!  Try some game day football rolls, football whirls, or festive football lights to add some spice to your party space!  You can also tailor your NFL playoff party decor by stocking up on paper goods and party supplies featuring the logo and colors of your favorite team or the teams that are facing off in the playoff games you'll be watching at your party.  Whether it's your favorite NFL team you're cheering on, or just the two teams that happen to be playing on the day of your party, with NFL party supplies your event will seem a little more exciting!   Split your table in half by setting one side up with paper goods featuring one team's logo and the other with the other team's and let guests show their allegiance by choosing their favorite team's paper goods!  Accent your NFL team paper goods with a football field tablecloth to complete the look and you'll be ready to serve up some tasty treats! 

Since football fans are known for their mighty appetites, you're menu is going to be a key element of your party, so you'll have to meet their demands with plenty of snacks and sweets.  Standard football fare of chips and dip, chicken wings, pretzels, and taco dip are always crowd pleasers, and when you're looking to feed a large crowd, sub sandwiches, pizza, and tacos are a great choice.  Another option is to bring the traditional tailgating foods to your home!  Hotdogs, burgers, even steaks and barbeque chicken are a welcome addition to your NFL playoff party if you've got someone who's willing to man the grill during halftime.  Serve up your food on football field serving trays to fit with the party theme.  Stock the table with some sweet treats as the game draws to a close, including football shaped brownies, cupcakes, or you can even set up a sundae bar complete with different flavors of ice cream and all the popular toppings! 

Make the playoffs a little more interesting by setting up a betting pool for guests who want to participate.  Set up the parameters for you football pool game before the playoffs start and keep the betting low so that no one gets too stressed or frustrated if they lose.  After all, you don't want to lose friends over a simple playoff bet! You can also set up a football bingo game by creating your own bingo board filled with things that can happen during a football game.  First one to get bingo wins a silly football-related prize! 

Whether you're planning to host just one NFL playoff party when your favorite team is playing or are going to rotate hosting duties between your group of friends throughout the whole playoff season, with the right football party supplies and a good group of friends and fellow football fans, you can be sure that your party will be an awesome event that everyone will enjoy! 

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