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Complete Party Guide for a Jungle and Safari Theme

A fun safari theme is perfect for birthdays, retirement parties, class reunions, and many more occasions!

Party Decorating & Planning Ideas Jungle and Safari Themed Party Ideas

Complete Party Guide for a Jungle and Safari Theme

March 31, 2013

Let your guests take a walk on the wild side at your next event with a fabulous safari themed party!  The perfect way to turn an everyday event into something exciting and out of the ordinary, a safari theme is ideal for birthday parties, retirement parties, class reunions, or even just a boring Friday night!  Easily adaptable for both children and adults, safari parties are great for the dog days of summer or as a way to forget the bitter cold of winter. 

Safari Theme Invitations

Send out your safari invitations early so your guests can get your event on the calendar.  Be sure to let them know they'll need to come prepared for jungle adventures with their pith helmet and binoculars! 

Safari and Jungle Theme Decorations

Turn your party space into a jungle oasis with a little creativity and a few well placed decorations. Start out by covering the walls with a jungle trees scene setter to give the room a real jungle feel.   Add some jungle animal add-on props among the trees to give the guests a few animals to find on safari.  If you have some large potted plants or trees, or even fake ones will do, bring them into the party room for extra foliage and add some white twinkle lights for some extra sparkle.  You can even tuck a few plush monkeys into the trees to give the guests a giggle!  Encourage your guests to come in costume, perhaps having some of your male friends dressing up as Tarzan, or maybe Ollie the Ostrich, and your female friends can come as Jane or a Man Hunter!  Or you can hand our pith helmets and binoculars as the guests arrive to help them get in the safari mood!  If your hosting your safari party in the winter be sure to turn the heat up a few notches to get the real jungle feel in your party space. 

Decorate your table to match your safari theme, whether you'll be serving a sit-down meal or a buffet table.  Cover your table with a black plastic table skirt and top it with animal print plates and coordinating napkins. Add some black plasticware to complement the color scheme and a fun centerpiece, maybe a potted green plant with a jungle print bow tied around it, and you'll be ready to serve up a tasty meal! 

Plan the Barbeque

For your safari party menu, a BBQ theme is a great option that is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.  If you've got the yard space and the weather is going to cooperate, you can even hire a catering company to come do a pig roast for you.   If that's a little too much work for you to tackle, roasted chicken or BBQ pork or ribs are all tasty options.  Corn on the cob, broiled baby potatoes, a fresh green salad, plenty of hot hearty rolls, fruit salad, and hummus with fresh cut veggies are excellent side dishes to complement your main course. 

Games and Activities

Whether your safari party is for adults or kids, you'll need to have an activity or two planned to keep the guests amused.  A scavenger hunt is perfect no matter what ages you're expecting!  Before the party, hide jungle or safari related clues around the house or outside, weather permitting.  If you need some help, there are websites that can help you develop a scavenger hunt for your party!  At the end of the hunt, have prizes for the kids, or perhaps some "jungle juice" for the adults to refresh themselves.  Have a little fun developing a custom safari party cocktail, served in coconut cups complete with tropical crazy straws of course! 

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, your safari party is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages, whether you're celebrating a birthday or just trying to spice up your monthly Friday night get together with the neighbors.  Even if you've never ventured south of the equator, when you transform your party space into a jungle complete with swinging monkeys and plenty of wild green foliage, your party will be the hit of the safari scene! 

For tips, questions, help planning an event or for recipe and craft ideas, email our party experts at for your personal party planner!