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How to Host a Casino Game Night

Spice up any ordinary party by adding a casino theme to it! Use these party ideas to help you put together a night no one will ever forget! 

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How to Host a Casino Game Night

February 25, 2013

Are you and your friends tired of boring weekends with nothing to do?  Or are you stuck in a rut with your weekend get-togethers where all you do is sit around watching the same old movies and rehashing the same stories you’ve all heard time and time again?  Well, maybe it’s time to kick things up a notch and give your weekends a new twist that will have your friends talking for weeks and keep them coming back for more!  This weekend, throw a casino game night party that will have everyone thinking they’ve been transported to Las Vegas!

Some Planning before the Event

Let your friends know a few weeks ahead of time that you’re planning on breaking out of the party rut by sending out personalized casino night invitations that fit with your party theme.  Include all the important party details, including whether or not you’ll be playing for real money, if there is a buy-in for the casino games, and if there is a dress code for the event.  If you’re looking to class up your casino night party, you can go with a Roaring Twenties theme and have them wear flapper dresses or gangster suits or you can have a cocktail attire dress code so that your friends can show off their hottest dresses and best suits.


Festive Casino Decorations

A casino game night party will require a little more forethought and set up than your typical Friday night get-together, but it will be well worth the effort when your friends walk in and see the good times that are waiting for them!  You don’t need to transform your party space into a replica of a Las Vegas casino, but you can spice up your decor a bit with festive casino decorations.  Hang some card suit stringers from the ceiling and add a few red paper lanterns as well.  Add some white twinkle lights in your plants or along the stair rail and mantle and you’ll have a festive party space that will fit with your party theme.

Setting up the Gaming Space

More important than your casino decorations though, is the gaming space you’ll have to set up.   Sure, you can quickly organize a poker night for the gang if you’re trying to throw together a quick party night and you’re friends will love that, but if you want to take your casino game night party up a notch, set up a few casino style games for your friends to try out.  Pull out a few folding tables (if you don’t have enough, beg, borrow, and steal some from friends and neighbors) and set up a different game at each table.  A blackjack laydown tabletop cloth, a craps table top cloth, and a roulette wheel set makes it easy to set up the games at each table.  You’ll also want to have another table, or two, for poker games, set up with plenty of poker chips and playing cards.  Be sure there’s plenty of room around each table for novices to watch the game and figure out the rules before jumping in and trying their hand at playing.  Of course, no one will want to go home empty handed after a night of playing games, so set up a table for prizes your friends can cash in their chips for at the end of the evening.  White elephant gifts you have laying around from past parties are always fun to try and pass off to unsuspecting friends or you can use novelty items like candy, plush toys, or silly trophies.

While a trip to Vegas may not be in everyone’s budget these days, you can bring Vegas to your friends with this fabulous Casino game night party!  With a little pre-planning you can bet your party will be a surefire success and your friends will be begging you to make it a monthly event so be prepared to put your casino boss persona on time after time! 

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