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How to Throw an Awesome Labor Day Party

Labor Day deserves a big celebration! Take it from the experts: These tips will help make sure your Labor Day party a big hit!

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How to Throw an Awesome Labor Day Party

August 16, 2017

Labor Day is an important occasion honoring American workers and their contributions to our country, and it’s a time to kiss summer goodbye and get ready for fall!

Labor Day deserves a big celebration, but how do you throw a great Labor Day party? These tips will help make your Labor Day party a big hit!

Plan in Advance

Let’s face it: Labor Day weekend is busy and eventful. So if you want to make sure your guests choose to show up to your party, then making a guest-list early, and sending it out early, is an absolute must. Customizable guest invitations, complete with a patriotic theme, are a nice touch that go beyond the easy-to-ignore Facebook invite.

BBQ Invites

Set the Theme

Themed-parties are always super fun! And you can never go wrong on Labor Day with a tried-and-true patriotic theme. After all, nothing says USA like red, white, and blue. Set the table with an American Flag table cloth and table skirt to add patriotic flair. American Flags, whether as table-toppers or party favors, can reinforce this theme, while American Flag foam lumitons and red, white, and blue glow products are a surefire way to keep your guests entertained well into the night. Top it all off with one of our popular patriotic hats!

 Labor Day Table

Cook Up a Tasty Menu

Labor Day is a time for good grub, good drinks, and good company! You can never go wrong with an American-spirited barbecue. Serve up some burgers, brats, hotdogs, and grilled corn on the cob. And don’t forget to stock up on water, a variety of sodas, and alcoholic beverages for your adult guests. Try one of our inflatable beer mugs as a place to keep your brews cool!

Inflatable Cooler

Don’t Bore Your Guests: Plan Plenty of Activities

Getting people to choose to show up at your Labor Day party is an honor! But getting them to stay and enjoy themselves is much harder. After all, there’s no worse, or more awkward, situation than showing up to a party with nothing to do but to twiddle your thumbs, and planning a dull party like this is the quickest way to guarantee your guests won’t show up to one of your future events. Planning a successful party can be strategic and tiring, but the key is to make you party work for you.


Hosting a party is hard, but don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Instead, let your guests’ conversation naturally progress as they toss around the pigskin. Providing your individual guests with plenty of activities to do—like a game of bags, volleyball, badminton, croquet, Horseshoe, or suitable outdoor board games like Jenga—can help keep them entertained as you attend to your party hosting duties, and it can keep the good party vibes going for hours. Our light up and LED footballs and soccer balls, for example, can keep your athletic friends entertained well past sundown! Also make sure to create a neutral playlist of songs, creating the calming background music that your guests can either enjoy or effortlessly ignore. A party without music, after all, may quickly create awkward silence, soon making your guests want to leave.


We hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and we wish you a safe and memorable Labor Day weekend!


At Windy City Novelties, it’s our hope that this article inspires you to create a fun and unique party for your loved ones. For more helpful tips on organizing your event, email our dedicated party planning experts at You may also subscribe to our emails for weekly party planning ideas, featured products and more at