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How to Throw a Super Hero Themed Birthday Party

Ideas for hosting a Batman, Spiderman, or other Super Hero birthday party

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How to Throw a Super Hero Themed Birthday Party

January 22, 2013

Calling all superheroes!  Calling all superheroes!  Get ready for a wild time at your child's next birthday party with a fun-filled superhero party featuring your child's favorite comic book characters!  Appropriate for both boys and girls, you'll have the little ones feeling like they can save the world when you treat them to this fantastic party theme! 

A Superhero Character for Everyone

Whether the birthday boy or girl is a Batman fan who wants you to transform your party space into Gotham City so they can vanquish Joker, the Penguin, and the rest of the bad guys, a Spider-Man fanatic who thinks he can swing from building to building with ease and wants to use their Spidey sense to keep the bad guys away from the birthday cake, or loves any superhero and wants to invite them all to the party, a superhero party can be tailored to any superhero the guest of honor favors.

Set the Party Scene with Scene Setters

Start out your superhero party by transforming your party space into the perfect city scene that seems to be the setting for every comic book caper.  Use a cityscape scene setter to transform the walls.  Using brightly colored construction paper, write out the cartoon words often associated with comic book battles, like "Zap!" "Pow!" "Kablam!" and "Boom!"  and tape them to the walls to add to the comic book superhero atmosphere.

Decorations for the Table

Get your tables ready for the tasty treats you'll be serving up before the kids arrive so that you don't have to worry about setting things up while the kids are clamoring for your attention.  If you're focusing on one specific superhero, use a plastic tablecloth to coordinate, like a Batman tablecloth or a Spiderman tablecloth.  Otherwise, you can go with a primary color, like red or green and add some coordinating paper goods in colors representing popular superheroes, like red for Iron Man, green for the Incredible Hulk, blue for Captain America and Batman, and black for Hawkeye.  Accent your colorful table settings with fun centerpieces like a Spiderman cityscape centerpiece or be creative and make your own using your child's favorite action figures! 

Superhero Activity Ideas

Plan some superhero activities to keep the kids entertained during the party.  Start out by letting everyone decorate their own superhero cape!  Before the party, cut out a cape for each child, using one of the many simple patterns that can be found online and some inexpensive cotton or flannel from the fabric store.  The capes can be tied on with thick ribbons.  Leave the capes unadorned and let all the kids decorate their cape with superhero stickers, decorative buttons, fabric pens, which will dry faster than paints and allow the kids to wear their capes during the party, and, if you've got a sewing machine handy and an extra pair of hands to do some quick sewing, premade patches.

Once the kids have their capes ready, let them know it's time to test their super powers!  Have an obstacle course set up.

- A trampoline can help them leap tall buildings in a single bound.

- Swings will help test their flying skills.

- Test their strength and see who can lift the largest stack of blocks or books.

- Prove their mind powers with a puzzle they'll need to put together.

- Test their x-ray vision by filling a glass jar with spider rings (the same spiders that gave Spider-Man his powers of course!) and have everyone write their guess as to how many rings are in the jar on a piece of paper.  Whoever's guess is closest wins. 

Once the kids have completed the obstacle course, reward them with their diploma and congratulate them on completing the X-Men Academy.  They are now official superheroes!  In addition to their superhero certifications, hand out comic books featuring popular superheroes as your party favors. These will be a hit with all the guests as well as their parents since it will encourage reading!  Just make sure the comics are age appropriate before handing them out.

This party is sure to be a hit with superheroes of all ages and the kids will love that you've put a non-traditional spin on a popular party theme.  You'll be the superhero mom of the party circuit this year! 

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