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Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas

It's almost kindergarten graduation time and Windy City Novelties has everything you will need to create a special day for friends and family

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Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas

May 5, 2013

It's graduation season and across the country young people are walking across stages to receive their hard-earned diplomas.  With all those degrees floating around, it is sometimes easy to overlook the youngest of students—those who have completed preschool and kindergarten. It's not easy having to leave home and go to school every day, and after nine long months of learning numbers, letters, and how to get along with others, those little graduates deserve a celebration too.

Whether you are in charge of organizing an in-school graduation event for the entire class, or planning to have a smaller celebration at home, your first order of business is letting people know when, where, and what time to show up.  For a class ceremony, see if it is possible to use the school's network to notify parents online.  A great choice for a smaller party is the colorful graduation dots personalized invitations.

Bunches of colorful balloons make any celebration that much more fun and festive.  Mix an assortment of solid color balloons with white congratulations grad balloons and anchor them with cute grad cap and diploma balloon weights.

Simple decorating ideas inside and out will make the day extra special for everyone.  Kids will be so excited to find their own names written in sidewalk chalk outside the door of the school or along the path to the party house. Inside, decorate one wall with a graduation dots custom banner which comes in sizes from 12” by 24” to an impressive 48” by 96”.  Then go all out by adding matching streamers, hanging fans, and bright paper lanterns that light up with LED candles.

The actual graduation ceremony will of course be the main event at school, but if your child's school does not have preschool or kindergarten graduations, you can easily stage one at home.  Either way, find a diploma template online and make one for each child in the class or at the party.

Liven up the refreshment table with graduation dots plastic cloths.  For a cookie and punch reception use matching beverage napkins and cups.  Arrange cookies on graduation cap serving platters. Young graduates may not get an actual cap, so they will be thrilled with graduation cap bendable straws.

Graduation Cap Bendable Straws

At home treat young guests to a buffet of shapes, including pizza triangles, sandwich rectangles, finger jello stars, and round cupcakes.  If you want food that will appeal to parents too, make diploma sandwiches from flour tortillas layered with ham or turkey, cheese, and other toppings, rolled up and tied with a scallion.  Fancy-up a fruit salad by making watermelon and cantaloupe balls and mixing them with strawberries, pineapple chunks, grapes, and blueberries—all served in the hollowed-out watermelon shell. Serve the food on teal square plastic plates with coordinating graduation dot luncheon napkins.

Anyone with young children knows they get wound up before they wind down, so have some activities planned to keep them busy.  Young friends who may not see much of each other over the summer or who may be going to different schools next year, will love making simple friendship bracelets for one another.  Create simple, braided bracelets using hemp or twine, an assortment of beads, masking tape, and scissors.  Search the internet for detailed instructions.

If weather permits, engage young guests in a game of hopscotch or bean bag toss. Stuff a grad smiley face piñata with an assortment of goodies and let kids take turns giving it a whack.  Parents will enjoying helping out the little ones in this fun activity.

Calm things down and give young graduates a chance to show off  by arranging to have them sing a song, recite a poem, or tell about something they learned during the year.  Make videos to share with them and their parents.  Be sure to get a group picture.

Send the little ones home full of accomplishment as well as gift bags that include cool tie-dye pencils , star stickers, mini notebooks, composition books, safety scissors, sidewalk chalk, crayons, and other items they need to play school all summer.

Don't mention the seemingly endless summer will eventually come to an end and it will be back to school again...and again...and again.

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