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'Movember' Information with Mustache Themed Party Ideas

Learn about the 'Movember' cause and stock up on mustache themed party supplies, accessories, and decorations!

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'Movember' Information with Mustache Themed Party Ideas

November 3, 2013

Now that Breast Cancer Awareness Month has completed, it is time to focus our attention onto another important health matter. Although it is essential for women, and men, to remain informed about Breast Cancer, as well as other health concerns, it is also important for men to be aware of their particular health concerns. Therefore, the entire month of November is dedicated to raising awareness and educating men on certain health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer and mental health issues.

This particular cause is called “Movember,” and in order to show support and raise awareness, men are encouraged to grow and maintain a mustache throughout the entire month. During this time, they are also raising money to donate to several men’s health foundations. Towards the end of the month, once men’s mustaches have had a chance to grow in, parties and events are held in which anyone can attend to learn about men’s health issues, as well as to support and donate to such organizations and charities. Since the mustache is the symbol of Movember, participants typically don fake mustaches or mustache accessories, while party areas are decorated in mustache themed decorations and party supplies.

Windy City Novelties carries a large assortment of stick-on mustaches for Movember party participants to wear, as well as banners and other mustache party supplies. Here are some mustache accessory ideas for Movember parties and events!

For more information on the Movember cause visit their website,


Wearable Mustaches

For the men that are not participating in Movember but plan to attend Movember events, you can support the Movember cause by sticking on a fake one. With many different mustache styles and colors, you can choose to throw on a brightly colored handlebar mustache in your favorite color, or sport a mustache in a unique shape. Ladies can also join in on the mustache fun by wearing their own stick on mustaches with mustache variety packs!


Movember participants can also choose to wear a recognizable mustache with costume accessory kits, such as Captain Jack Sparrow, The Big Lebowski, and much more.


Other Mustache Accessories

In addition to--or instead of--your fake stick-on mustache, you can wear other mustache accessories. Wear a pair of cool sunglasses with a hanging mustache, or a pair of “I heart mustaches” sunglasses. Or, wear mustaches on your fingers with glowing LED jelly mustache rings or glitter mustache rings. These mustache accessories also make for great party favors at Movember fundraising events!


Mustache Banners and Invitations

Hang a mustache banner at your Movember event, whether you are hosting it in the comfort of your own home or at a bar or restaurant. On the banner, state what the Movember cause is, or where individuals can donate to the various men’s health organizations.


You can also invite people to your Movember event with personalized mustache invitations. State the date, place and time, as well as the purpose of the Movember cause.


Mustache Decorations

Decorate your Movember event with an assortment of mustache wall clings! These mustaches come in a variety of shapes and simply stuck on walls for easy decorating, as well as easy cleanup.

For tips, questions, help planning an event or for recipe and craft ideas, email our party experts at for your personal party planner!