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NASCAR and Race Day Party Guide

Get all your race day party supplies, decorations, and favors at Windy City Novelties!

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NASCAR and Race Day Party Guide

June 19, 2013

Die-hard NASCAR and racing fans look forward to race day like little kids look forward to Christmas morning.  When it’s time for the big race, stock up on NASCAR party supplies and invite your friends over to watch your favorite drivers race to the finish.  You may not have an entire pit crew to help you plan your party, but with a little creativity and the right party supplies, you’ll be taking a lap in the winner’s circle as the world’s best party planner! 

Personalized NASCAR Invitations

The first stop on your NASCAR party planning circuit should be our personalized race car invitation selection.  With ten different car- and race-themed designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect invitations to set the mood for your NASCAR or racing party!  And your guests will be racing to the phone to RSVP for your party. 

NASCAR Decorations

Next stop: decorations!  Use black and white checkered flag balloons to create balloon bouquets to decorate the room.  Tie them off with winner’s circle balloon weights and use them to flank the front door.  Hang racecar danglers from the ceiling and plaster the walls with raceway street signs pointing the way to racing’s biggest events.  Cover your tables with black and white checkered plastic tablecloths.  For a fun centerpiece idea, use checkered flag trophies surrounded by toy racecars.  Not only will the toys make cute centerpieces, but they will keep the kids amused once the race starts and the adults are distracted by the action on the television! 


NASCAR Paper Goods

Use NASCAR or raceway paper goods to serve all your food on.  Place individual bunches of silverware-fork, knife, and spoon-wrapped in a napkin, into a cup and place them at each seat, even if you’re planning to serve your food buffet style.  This leaves your guests’ hands free to carry more of the delicious food you’ll be serving! 

Food for Race Day

A barbeque is a great choice for your NASCAR party!  Grill up some burgers and hot dogs, or, if you’re willing to splurge a little on your guests, steaks.  If you’re not in the grilling mood or want something easier, pick up some fried chicken from a local grocery store.  For either menu option, simple sides like potato salad, deviled eggs, veggie platters, and baked beans in a slow cooker are always a hit.  Another idea is to forgo serving a sit-down meal and just have munchies for your guests to graze on throughout the race.  Tortilla rollups, mini quiches, eggrolls, buffalo wings, cheese and crackers, chips and dip, and cheese fondue are popular choices.  And a sweets tray with cookies, brownies, and chocolates will be a big hit with guests of all ages! 

Be sure your bar is fully stocked as NASCAR, racing, and drinking all seem to go hand-in-hand.  Of course beer is the drink of choice for many race fans, so have lots of referee shirt drink holders to keep those beer bottles cold throughout the night!  And stock up on light up beer mugs, light up rocks glasses, light up plastic serving pitchers, and glowing ice cubes to give your drinks and cocktails a festive flair!  Even if your guests are only drinking soda and water, they’ll love having those flashing lights in their drinks to get them into the partying mood!  To make sure guests keep their drinks straight, have them tag their cups with their names, or the names of their favorite drivers or racecars.  Just keep a marker handy on the bar for guests to use as they pour their drinks.  This way they can reuse their cups as well. 

Race Day Activities

Encourage a little friendly competition by having guests bet on the outcome of the races.  Use online programs if you want a little help keeping track of everyone’s predictions.  Another fun way to keep the party interesting is to create a trivia game using questions about the drivers, NASCAR and racing history, the track the race is being held on, and the racecars that are participating in the day’s race.  Have fun race related party favors to hand out to winners. 

All these ideas are also perfect if you’re using a NASCAR theme for a child’s birthday party.  Simply add a race-track shaped birthday cake to the festivities and you’ll be raring to go!  Maybe even throw in a Race Car pinata to add to the fun! Whatever the race-related occasion is, you’re guests will be waiting for the green light to celebrate with you when they see you’ve gone the extra mile to make your party a success! 


 For tips, questions, help planning an event or for recipe and craft ideas, email our party experts at for your personal party planner!