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Night Golf Information for Hosting a Night Golf Outing

Check out this helpful guide to our night golf party supplies, decorations, glow products, and more for your next night golf event

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Night Golf Information for Hosting a Night Golf Outing

July 18, 2017

Night Golf is sweeping the nation. Many golf courses are beginning to offer the option of night golf along with their traditional, daytime golf. Night golf is played the same way regular golf is played, but at night and with the addition of glow equipment.

Night Golf Course Supplies

Night golf courses are lit up with glowing markers to allow players to see areas of the golf course and it lets them know where to aim and hit the ball. Different colors often represent different parts of the course, such as the fairway, the tee box, sand traps, etc.

Light up stakes are lined around the course to outline the course. This lets players know where the ends of the course are. A different color of foot-long stakes should outline bodies of water and sand traps. A glowing target hoop is set around the holes with a glowing flag marker so players know where the hole is. Golf course employees can choose to use a separate color of light up stakes for a walkway. They can also be used for the trail in which the golf carts follow, but it is advised that players walk the course for night golf instead of driving a golf cart. Finally, a different color set of glowing stakes should be set up around the tee box.

Lite Up Golf Balls

In night golf, players use light up golf balls so they can see where the ball goes after they hit it. Usually the night golf golf balls are clear golf balls with a glowing light stick inside of them. They come in a variety of colors, so each player should have a separate color to know which ball is theirs in the dark.


Glow Accessories for Players

Sometimes golf courses supply glow accessories for the golfers to wear for safety purposes. If a golf course does not provide these accessories, then it is advised that the night golf players bring their own. Night golf player accessories consist of glow necklaces, glow bracelets, LED wands, or anything else that allows the player to be seen in the dark.


 Beverage Cart Decorations

Oftentimes, golf courses will have a beverage cart driving around the course to offer drinks and snacks to players. For safety reasons, and in the spirit of night golf, these beverage carts are typically decorated with all kinds of glowing or light up items. Different colored light up LED balloons can flow from the cart to let everyone know where the beverage cart is. The driver can also wear glow gear in the form of glow necklaces, bracelets, LED glasses, and so on.

 Light Up Balloons

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