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Party Guide for Throwing a Safari Themed Birthday Party

Party ideas and tips for hosting a safari and jungle themed birthday party for your son or daughter

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Party Guide for Throwing a Safari Themed Birthday Party

May 14, 2013

Feed your child’s thirst for adventure with a safari-themed birthday party!  Whether you’ve got a toddler who loves all things animal-themed or an eight-year-old with a grand sense of adventure, a jungle or safari-themed event is perfect for kids of any age.  Ideal for outdoor parties, safari-themed events will give your summer birthday parties a fun and festive twist that guests of all ages will love, and may even inspire some adults to join in on the jungle fun!

Safari Themed Invitations 

Start off by inviting guests to join you on a wild adventure with personalized safari themed invitations.  Filled with all your party details, your invitations will be their passport to fun! 

Safari Decorations

Hopefully party day will dawn bright and sunny so you can hold your safari-themed birthday party outdoors, where the animals-both of the jungle and kid variety-can roam free.  Set the stage for your safari theme with the proper safari decorations.    Even if you don’t live in the heart of the rain forest or in the middle of the Serengeti, with the right decorations, your guests will think they’re on a wild and wonderful adventure!  Drape your fence, deck, or porch railing with silk floral deck fringe and place some jungle animal add-on props around the yard so there are plenty of animals for the little explorers to spot!   Hang plush monkeys from the trees and add a few parrot wind spinners to complete your safari decor. 

Lead the way to the backyard with animal footprints drawn in chalk on the driveway and front walk and an Outback sign pointing the way to fun!  Greet each of the adventurers with their own safari hat and binoculars so they’re ready for adventure.  Have safari stations set up around the yard with different activities to keep the kids occupied.  Cover folding tables with grass table skirts so they fit in with your safari theme and tie a bunch of balloons to each table for a festive touch.  Each station can have a different activity, craft, or treat for kids to enjoy. 

Safari and Jungle Themed Craft Ideas

- At the first table have kids make a passport out of construction paper.  If you have a photo printer available, take their picture next to a jungle safari photo prop so they can attach it to the front of their passport.  At each table they visit, they can collect safari stickers for each page of their passport. 

- Kids can create their own jungle animals out of cardboard tubes and craft supplies, including buttons, glitter, pipe cleaners, feathers, and any other supplies you can collect. 

- Let them decorate their own plastic pith helmets with markers and glitter glue. 

- Play a game of animal charades.  Fill out index cards with the names of different animals on each card.  Let one child pick a card and act out their animal.  Whoever guesses the most animals correctly wins! 

Fill your final table with plenty of tasty safari-themed treats.  For a kids’ party, cake and ice cream is a necessity, and any jungle themed cake can be done with ease by your local bakery.  But, if you want to add a few tasty morsels, here’s some creative ideas. 

- Pigs in a blanket

- Jell-o treats cut into animal shapes

- Individual boxes of animal crackers

- Pudding cups topped with gummy worms

- Peeled bananas with peanut butter and raisins

- Jungle juice-Lemon-lime soda topped with green sherbet.   For an extra treat, freeze raisins into ice cubes so it looks like there are flies floating in the drinks!

Once your safari adventure is over and the kids have been returned to civilization safely, send them home with a goody bag complete with safari-themed loot that will remind them of what a great time they had at your party!  Animal print glow sticks, stretchy frogs, walking wild animals, and safari folding fans will be a hit with crowds of any age! 

A classic party theme for kids of any age, your safari adventure is sure to be a hit with the younger crowd, and as the head adventurer, you’ll have a hard time topping this wild and wonderful party theme when it’s time to celebrate your child’s big day! 


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