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A Do-it-Yourself Party Guide for Super Bowl Sunday

Party tips for hosting a Super Bowl party - decorations, food, and more!

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A Do-it-Yourself Party Guide for Super Bowl Sunday

January 20, 2013

Get your game face ready, it's Super Bowl time!  Whether or not your favorite team is playing the Super Bowl is an event that's not to be missed by any football fan, so take advantage of the football fever and plan a Super Bowl Party for the big game!

Preparing for Super Bowl Sunday

The teams have now been set for the matchup on February 3rd.  You’ll want to get your football invitations out well before Super Bowl Sunday rolls around.  Your friends are going to have plenty of party invites to choose from for the big game and you'll want yours to stand out, so sending out a personalized invitation is sure to catch their eye and spark more interest in your Super Bowl party!  Be sure to let everyone know the party is starting well before kickoff, giving everyone plenty of time to feast on finger foods and catch the pregame commentary before settling in for the game. 

Decorating for the Big Game

While your Super Bowl prep won't require you to suit up and get ready to be tackled by burly football players, it will require you to prepare plenty of food for hungry guests and get your home ready for some friendly football rivalries!  Let your guests know they've arrived at the right place by criss-crossing the door with a game day football sign. Add a festive touch to plants or railings with football lights  that will make any party space look a little more lively.  And hang some football whirls from the ceiling.  There's no need to go crazy with your decor since everyone will be focused on the television, but a few fun football decorations will certainly make your party memorable!  The most important detail of the decor though, will be the television, so make sure it's polished up nice and shiny, with no fingerprints to mar the view.  Toss some large pillows on the floor for extra seating if you need it, and, if you're worried about food or drinks getting spilled on your furniture due to the Super Bowl frenzy, consider investing in some slipcovers, or simply cover the couch and chairs with some sheets.   You can make them look nice by tucking them into the corners, smoothing out any wrinkles and placing throw pillows on top of the sheets.  This way when one of your guest's plates takes a tumble during a poorly-timed fumble, your couch won't forever hold the salsa stains! 

Food, Food, Food

Speaking of salsa, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of that, and other tasty treats on hand for your Super Bowl party!  After all, for many people, the game is almost secondary to the food on Super Bowl Sunday!  You'll need to plan your menu carefully, with plenty of tempting foods and appetizing dishes to keep your guests happy and keep you out of the kitchen.  Chicken wings, sub sandwiches, pizza, and BBQ meatballs are all traditional Super Bowl dishes that are surefire crowd pleasers and football fare standards.  But, if you're looking for something out of the ordinary to make your Super Bowl party stand out from the rest, consider going for something a little different.  A make-your-own-taco bar or baked potato bar is easy to put together but also a big hit with hungry guests.  Or, forget about the snow on the ground and fire up the grill for a summertime treat of burgers, brats, and hot dogs, complete with potato salad, corn, and fruit salad.  Or channel your Italian roots and cook up your mama's marinara sauce for a big spaghetti dinner at halftime. 

Whatever you're serving, serve it in style using football serving trays, football bowls, and even a football field goal snack dish!  Sprinkle a little football confetti on the buffet table and you'll have the perfect football-themed table for your Super Bowl bash! 

Whatever teams make it into the big game, whether you care who wins or not, partying with fellow football fans on Super Bowl Sunday is an American tradition that will take place in homes across the country.  With a few special touches you can make your party a step above the rest, and the party that all your friends will RSVP to with a resounding 'YES'! 

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