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Pick a Color for Your Next Theme Party with our Colorful Schemes Party Supplies and Decorations

Our colorful schemes categories match invitations, banners, party supplies, decorations, and more with your favorite color

Party Decorating & Planning Ideas Color Theme Party Ideas

Pick a Color for Your Next Theme Party with our Colorful Schemes Party Supplies and Decorations

July 31, 2013

Add a splash of color to your picnics, barbeques or family reunions this summer with colorful decorations! If you are having a party that doesn’t necessarily have a theme to it, decorate with simple colored decorations. Choose one color, two different colors, or rainbow colored decorations to spice up your party space for your get-togethers this summer!


Send out invitations to guests informing them about the details of the get-together. Choose from a large selection of colors, including red, green, purple, gold, silver, orange, pink, blue, brown, yellow, black, white, and rainbow. Pick from plain colored invitations or invitations that are printed with a fun pattern or design.



Once you have sent out the invitations, it’s time to start planning the decorations to put up for your party. If the party if for a family reunion and is held at a park, be sure to hang up a banner letting guests know exactly where to go. Customize the banner with the title of the party, such as “Smith Family Reunion.”



Add some color to the space with colored decorations! Choose from a variety of colorful decorations, with each type of decoration available in every color. If the party is in a pavilion, add hanging decorations to the low parts of the ceiling. Fun, fluffy tissue paper balls with surely liven the place up! Or hang up cute, twirly whirls.

If the party is being held in a back yard, hang streamers on the deck, or place paper garland over the doorway. You could also string paper lanterns for when the sun goes down.

Don’t forget about the balloons! Add balloons to the banner, or hang them in the front of the driveway so guests know where the party is at. Choose a certain color of balloons or gather a variety of colors together for one colorful bunch.

Paper Goods

Cover picnic tables with colorful table covers! Serve food and drinks on colorful paper goods. Paper plates come in every color, so choose some to match the color theme of your party. Get paper cups and napkins to match with the plates.


Keep guests entertained with fun games! Bring a carton of eggs for an egg toss, or keep things a little cleaner with a water balloon toss. You could also tie two partner’s legs together for a three-legged race. Hand out little prizes—especially if kids are participating—to the winners of the games. Prizes can range from beaded necklaces to plastic sunglasses to plastic stadium horns!


For tips, questions, help planning an event or for recipe and craft ideas, email our party experts at for your personal party planner!