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Get Free Shipping On Orders $69+ | Use Code:  FREESHIP OR Choose Your Own Promo CLICK HERE >
Get Free Shipping On Orders $69+ | Use Code:  FREESHIP OR Choose Your Own Promo CLICK HERE >

Welcome Back the NHL with a Hockey Theme Party

The shortened season starts on January 19; celebrate with a hockey themed bash!

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Welcome Back the NHL with a Hockey Theme Party

January 15, 2013

Now that NHL Hockey is returning for real on January 19, 2013, it’s time to hold a Welcome Back party to kick off a season of puck-handling, board-checking, goalie-challenging NHL hockey. Heck, don’t just welcome them back! With a shortened season every game is going to be playoff hockey! Time to celebrate the return of the best game on ice!

Official NHL Look

For starters, welcome back the NHL with Official NHL 9 Inch Plates. These plates are emblazoned with a  design of the NHL logo, a taped hockey stick and a puck in front of a well-protected net! These plates are strong enough to hold plenty of food so your guests can chow down during an entire period of hockey without needing to get back up for food.

Fill out your lineup with NHL Beverage Napkins to match those NHL plates at only $3.40 for a pack of 16 napkins and a set of NHL 9 oz. Cups to make everyone happy that hockey season is really back in swing.

Celebrate your favorite NHL team

You can even choose hockey napkins emblazoned with your favorite team logos, like the Chicago Blackhawks Lunch Napkins. Or choose your favorite NHL team napkins; the  Bruins, Flyers, Canadiens, Penguins and more NHL team logos.

Set up your party rink with an NHL Table Cover emblazoned with face-off areas marked in red against the icy-colored white background. Then kick off this long-awaited season with the NHL Decorating Kit with player action figures, NHL decorative pucks and a Stanley Cup Centerpiece.

NHL party favors

Who says hockey fandom has to be confined to the rink? Pick up some NHL Tattoos. These stick-on tats feature players, pucks, pennants, NHL logos, hockey masks and helmets, all to put you in a that NHL Hockey mood!

Put your guests in the net with NHL Hockey Masks. These lightweight cardboard masks match with your NHL tattoos and will give your guests some anonymity as they holler at their favorite players to skate faster and hit harder.

Look the part of an Old School NHL player

For those who preferred their hockey the old way, pick up a few sets of Billy Bob Teeth-Puck Teeth.  This set of realistic teeth is missing the two front toofers, so your whole party can look like they just came out of the movie Slap Shot.

If you’re really going to get all formal and stuff, you might want to send out invitations to let people know what time to show up, and where. That’s where Pro Hockey Personalized Invitations come in handy. If your guests have been hit with a puck one too many times, an invitation can be pretty helpful to remind them what time the game starts, when to show up and even the address.

NHL Hockey is finally back!

Yes, NHL hockey season is finally back. But if you’re feeling a little angry that it took so long, why not pick up this Friday the 13th 2009 Jason Mask Adult in case the league management plays any more shenanigans with the NHL schedule. This mask might scare some hockey sense back into them.

Be sure to check out the rest of our hockey party supplies!

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