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For a Fun, Indoor Party Idea this Winter try a Black Light Dance Party!

Throw a black light party complete with glow in the dark products, music, highlighters and more!

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For a Fun, Indoor Party Idea this Winter try a Black Light Dance Party!

January 3, 2013

When the winter nights are cold and dark, instead of wishing for sun, give into the darkness and have a little fun with a blacklight party!  Perfect for birthday parties or a fun Friday night for your teen and her friends, blacklight parties are becoming all the rage with kids and adults.  A fun way to beat the winter blues and brighten up a boring winter weekend, these parties will be a hit with your friends and family.  So turn out the lights and get ready for a good time! 

To set the stage for your blacklight party you'll need to stock up on a few party essentials.  Blacklight parties work best in dark rooms obviously, so pick your party space carefully.  A finished basement is perfect, but you can prep an party space by covering walls and windows with black fabric or paper to block out any outside light.  Cover the doorways into your party room with black door curtains and block off any rooms you want to keep guests out of with bright tape or streamers.  White reacts well with blacklights, glowing a cool blue, so you can use lots of white streamers for your party decorations, as well as white latex balloons clustered in the corners.  Give your table decorations a personal touch by drawing on a white tablecloth with florescent paint, which will glow nicely under the blacklight.  You'll need to do this a few days before the party though, to give it plenty of time to dry!  Add a festive fiber optic LED centerpiece and your table will be ready for your blacklight party!  The most important element of your blacklight party is, of course, your blacklight.  You can replace your standard incandescent bulbs with 75 watt blacklight bulbs for your party, or invest in a blacklight bulb fixture to kick the party into full blacklight mode! 

Once your party space is decked out and ready for the blacklight fun, you'll be ready for your guests to arrive.  Greet them at the door with plenty of glow novelties to add a little extra illumination to the evening!  Whether the girls want to class up their outfits with LED fascinators or the guys want to get a little wacky with glow eyeglasses, you'll want to have plenty of options for them to choose from!  A party pack that includes plenty of options for everyone to choose from is the perfect option.  That way everyone can choose from glow necklaces, bracelets, or other novelties to keep them glowing throughout the night! 

Keep the music pumping so everyone can dance the night away, but have a few other activities planned as well.  Stock up on highlighters and plain white t-shirts and let the guests create their own party wear.  Not only is it fun to see how the highlighters show up under the blacklight, but it gives everyone a fun keepsake from the party!   You can also plan a blacklight scavenger hunt.  Use an invisible ink pen to write out clues on cards that you hide around your party space.  Break the guests into teams and arm each team with a UV flashlight.  The ink will glow in the light of the flashlights, so it will be up to each team to follow the clues to find the ultimate prize at the end of the hunt! 

Hosting a blacklight party takes a little more planning and pre-party preparation than other parties, but this fun theme is worth the payout!  It's a night that no one will forget and the memories will last a lot longer than the glow sticks that the guests go home with! 

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