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Throw Your Own Great Gatsby Themed Party with These Decoration Ideas

Bring the Roaring 20's to life if only for a night with these 1920's themed decorations

Party Decorating & Planning Ideas Roaring 20's Theme Party Ideas

Throw Your Own Great Gatsby Themed Party with These Decoration Ideas

May 8, 2013

When the Great Gatsby movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio comes out in theater this weekend, be prepared for a rip-roaring return to 1920s style parties, dress and frolic.  Windy City Novelties has a great selection of 20’s themed party supplies, decorations, costumes and more!  Check out some of these ideas for a Roaring 20’s theme party!

Gangsters and Hotshot Coppers

America likes to loosen up now and then, and a Roaring 20s party is just the ticket to celebrate when the jazz was hot, the drinks flowed in shots and the gangsters pulling into town took potshots at the hotshot coppers and bank lots

So come back in time and hold your own Speakeasy Party. Start with some Gangster Props. These 63” tall gangster and flapper girl silhouettes will look great in your front window or backlit by lights for a whole night party. Violin cases, tommy guns and fake bullet holes make it fun to decorate the whole joint in 20s Gangster style.

gangster props

Big City Scene Setters

Turn your bungalow into a Big City skyline with the Cityscape Scene Setter Roll. This 30’ roll is the perfect backdrop for an iPhone Film Noir. Shine lights on the scene and set up your food and beverage table in front these Big City buildings and people will get in the mood for whatever Roaring 20s fun you can toss their way. Dance the night away, Flapper style!

Cityscape Scene Setter Roll

If you love the jazz scene or just like the look of the musicians playing it, the Jazz Musician Cutout sets the tone with trumpet and sax cutouts to go with the 5’ black, jointed Jazz Musician silhouette. You can pose your jazz musician or hang him on the shower curtain in your main bathroom with music playing so that even the loo is a place to groove.

jazz musician cutout

Bring the 20s to Life

With the right lighting the simplest decorations can do wonders to set the tone for the Roaring 20s. Hang some Black Fluffy Decorations from the ceiling and some White Fluffy Decorations for effect, and you’ll have people mooning for times gone by as the music plays and the food and drinks flow. Add some glimmer Silver Fringe Chandelier decorations and the night will get so romantic someone may swoon in the aisles. What you really need to add some 20s mystery is Silver Metallic Fringed Door Curtain. You’ll have a speakeasy feel going from the time everyone walks into the Main Parlor. And don’t stop now, the Disco Ball Beaded Door Curtain makes a great accent between rooms.

Silver Fringe Chandeleir

Lumi-Loons Pro Silver Balloons White Lights flash bright and set a fever pitch for your 20s festivities. Place them in front of these Zebra Print Fan Decorations and turn down the spotlights for some real visual fun.

lumi loons pro silver balloons with white lights

Go see the movie, then bring your friends or guests home to keep the 20s excitement and drama going all night long.

But truly, you don’t have to read the Great Gatsby or even see the movie to swing your own Roaring 20s Party. Simply hang up some Black Twirly Whirls and turn up the dance music and everyone will be doing the Charleston till dawn.  All thanks to Windy City Novelties, where parties come alive all year round.

black twirly whirls

For tips, questions, help planning an event or for recipe and craft ideas, email our party experts at for your personal party planner!

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