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Plan a Family Game Night for a Fun Winter Activity

Tips for having a family game night when the Winter weather strikes

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Plan a Family Game Night for a Fun Winter Activity

January 13, 2013

When the weather outside is frightful, stay snug and warm inside with a fun family game night!  The perfect way to pass the time when the wind is howling and the snow is flying, a family game night is not only fun for every member of the family, young and old, it's a great way to reconnect with one another and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Aside from stocking up on batteries, bread, and beer when the first winter storm is predicted, be sure to stock up on some new toys and games as well!  Whether you want to introduce the kids to old favorites from your childhood or find something that no one has played before, having a selection of new games to play will ensure everyone has a good time on your snowed-in family game night! 

Once the house is secure and everyone's safely home, start your family game night out right and climb into your comfy clothes.  Let the kids wear their favorite jammies while you change into your favorite sweats, ratty old robe, and fuzzy bunny slippers.  Since you know no one will be dropping by unexpectedly in this type of weather, you may as well get comfortable!  Make changing the first game of the night by challenging everyone to a race to see who can get changed the fastest, with whoever arriving first in the kitchen, living room, or wherever game night is taking place being the one to pick the first game of the night. 

Get ready for your family game night with some tasty treats, filling bowls with favorites like popcorn, chips, fruit salad, and any other snacks your family will enjoy munching on throughout the night.  No need to worry about nutrition tonight, the name of the game is fun and calories and healthy eating don't count on family game night! 

Start out your family game night by letting the winner of the changing challenge pick their favorite game.  Or you can let the oldest or youngest pick the first game of the night, pick a game at random, or try being democratic and vote on which game to play first.  A high-energy option like a light up limbo game is a great way to get everyone in the mood for fun, or you can save that for later when energy starts to wane and you need to liven up the party!  A Dance Mixer playmat will also get everyone up and moving and let you show off those famous dance moves!  Pull out an animal hopscotch playmat so the littlest family members can get in on the fun as well. 

Once everyone has worked out the giggles and ready to get down to some serious gaming, pull out the board games for some serious family fun.  Whether you want to start a Monopoly tournament, test your word power with Scrabble, or are ready to take a spin at the game of Life, pick something everyone can play, but try to branch out to something that the younger kids might not have played before.  It's a great chance to introduce them to the games you loved when you were their age.  If you've got older kids, a snowed-in family game night might be the perfect opportunity to pull out a deck of cards and the poker chips and teach them how to play the classics like Texas Hold 'em and Five Card Draw.  Or, start a family bridge club, teach them how to play gin, or just try a round of good old fashioned Go Fish! 

With so many activities to choose from, you'll have no problem finding enough games to keep you busy till the spring thaw, so the most difficult part of the evening might be deciding which games to play and which ones will have to stay on the shelf until the next storm hits!  And with every member of the family having fun on family night in, don't be surprised when everyone starts to eagerly watch the weather channel, hoping for a blizzard and another chance at family game night! 

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