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Party Ideas for a Kid's Medieval Themed Birthday Party

Tips for throwing a birthday party inspired by the Middle Ages, knights, and dragons

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Party Ideas for a Kid's Medieval Themed Birthday Party

February 11, 2013

Gather round ye noble knights and fair maidens!  It’s time to plan a medieval birthday party that will leave the guest of honor thinking they’ve been transported back in time to a land filled with dragons, danger, and dashing acts of bravery!  The perfect theme for your favorite little boy or girl’s next birthday party, these ideas will thrill any boy who dreams of riding off into the sunset after conquering the dragon and saving the kingdom from harm.

Medieval Invitations for the Guests

Request the presence of your guests at the big medieval birthday party by sending out themed invitations with all your party details.  You can create your own out of cardstock and scrapbooking accents if you’re the creative type, or find ready-made invitations online.  Encourage the kids to come in medieval costumes to give the party a more festive atmosphere as well! 

Build a Medieval Scene

Transform your party space into the perfect medieval castle with medieval party supplies that will give your party the vibe you’re looking for.  Start out with a valiant knight personalized banner that lets everyone in the kingdom know that it’s your favorite knight’s big day!  As his friends arrive they can sign the banner, turning it into an awesome keepsake of the day.  Decorate your front door with castle add-on props so that the guests feel like they’re entering a grand hall when they arrive.   Cover the walls in your main party area with stone wall scene setter rolls and while you might not want to cover the floors with straw like you would find in a real medieval castle, setting up a long banquet table for the kids to eat at will certainly help set the scene!  If you’ve got some long benches (maybe from your picnic table?) that you can replace the chairs with, even better!  Hang some medieval pennant banners and medieval cutouts and the transformation of your home into the perfect medieval party palace will be complete!

Food and Beverages

You’ll need to feed the hungry knights and maidens, and while serving a traditional feast of venison, fish, breads, cheese, wine, and ale may give your medieval birthday party an air of authenticity, it probably won’t go over well with the younger crowd.  But, you can still stick with the medieval theme using some modern foods.  Serve meatballs and vegetable kabobs on wooden skewers, chicken nuggets or mini hamburger patties, cheese cubes, fresh made bread, and mini pastries.  Utensils weren’t commonly used in medieval times, so finger foods will be a big hit with the guests and fit right in with the party theme!  Serve them up on medieval knight plates with plenty of matching napkins to wipe those greasy fingers clean!


Medieval Inspired Games and Activities

While jousting matches and caber tossing may be a little too hardcore for your pint-size knights, you can plan some party activities that will fit right in with your medieval theme.  If your guests haven’t come in costume, as they arrive, give each girl their own rose ribbon halo so that she’ll feel like a fair maiden and be sure each boy has his own inflatable sword to fight off any dragons he may encounter.  You can also have a Jester’s Challenge to see if anyone can earn the title of Court Jester!  Seat the kids in a circle with one child standing in the middle.  Have him or her try to make the kids laugh by telling jokes, dancing, singing, or telling stories.  As the kids laugh, they’re out of the game, with the last kid left to laugh being crowned the winner!  And of course, what would a medieval birthday party be without a chance to slay the dragon?  Buy or make a dragon piñata and let the kids take turns trying to defeat the evil beast before it destroys the kingdom!

Whether you’re planning a medieval birthday party for a brave knight or a beautiful maiden, it’s sure to be a hit with the kids and their friends, and with a little creativity and the right party supplies you can bet this will be a birthday bash they’ll remember for years to come! 

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