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Coral Reef Scene Setter

  Perfect for Under the Sea Theme
The Coral reef scene setter was the perfect backdrop to my daughters Under the Sea themed Party. It is bright and colorful, easy to use, and quite durable. Perfect for the little lady that loves mermaids but feels she is too old for Ariel., 07/31/13
- By MomofAndrea From US
  You will want to put on your scuba gear!
The bright colors and graphics will add a dynamic effect to any sea theme event., 08/19/12
- By Jacquie the Dir From US
  You will want to put on your scuba gear!
This Coral Reef Scene of vibrant colors and wonderful sealife graphics created a dynamic backdrop for our Vacation Bible School theme ""Deep Sea Adventure""., 08/17/12
- By Jacquie the Dir From US
  Not Disappointed
First time I purchased from WC and certainly an item like this. Just great item...exactly as it was presented on the website. Maybe a little better! Makes me want to plan my next party., 07/28/12
- By Cleo From US
We used this AWESOME backdrop to line the walls of living room/kitchen (the roll is HUGE) for my grandsons 1st Birthday Party. Party theme was ""Finding Nemo"" All of the party comers LOVED it. It truly changed the party from an average party to a really special one! Can't say enough good things about this quality, gorgeous backdrop!, 03/08/12
- By Angie From US
  Like Being In an Aquarium
Used for a Girl Scout Bridging Party - themed UNDER THE SEA ODYSSEY. Older Girl troop added fluorescent paint to the scene, and built a black room area around it, added a black-light to enhance the Glow In The Dark images. When the younger girl scouts walked through, they felt like they were under the water in a coral reef, or in an aquarium. It was a hugh success in creating the image of being, 05/31/11
- By Fran Girl Scout From US