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Red, White & Green Table Cover

  Italian table clothes!
I would not label it as only Mexican tablecloth. Those are Italian colors as well!, 10/19/13
- By MariaB512 From US
  For Italian party
Perfect for the Italian-themed party. Gave great color. More durable than I thought would be., 10/19/13
- By Marcia From US
  Italian also
Perfect!, 09/09/13
- By CiaoTraveler From US
  Mexican/Italian Tablecloths
Quick delivery; excellent customer service when ordering by phone, 03/11/12
- By none From US
  I would use it again.
I used it for an Italian dinner and it worked great on my long tables., 10/18/11
- By Lesley From US
  Mexican table cover
This item was a great choice for my table outside on the back porch! It really gave a festive feel to my party!, 05/11/11
- By Italian Momma From US
  Italian Table Cover - Good Deal
I used these table covers for our annual Italian family dinner. The covers are thin plastic but worked perfectly for an informal dinner. They are colorful and were large enough to fit the large folding tables we used. They looked really good on the tables. The value for the cost is good., 12/29/10
- By Italian Mama From US