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Hot Pink Hair Spray

  Big Hit At Our School Carnival!
I purchased 30 assorted colors of this hair spray for our school carnival. The line was never ending; it was a huge hit with the kids! Very easy to use, but some of the colors didn't show up all that well on darker hair, which I guess is to be expected. The purple we ordered looked very pink, but you could see the difference a little if they were side by side. The only downside overall was tha, 04/09/13
- By Mandi the PTA M From US
  Girls love this color.
We used color hair spray for the school event. The kids loved to get their hair colored and they had all the colors the kids wanted. I didn't like the fume, so I opened up all the windows with some fans running., 03/17/13
- By Momma From US
  Super star color
Favorite spray color ever!, 11/11/12
- By Salon Karma From US
  Awesome product
We purchase the hair spray for our school festival. The booth is always a hit!!, 10/29/12
- By the president o From US
  Hot Pink!
Great product! We used it to spray on the kids hair at an event and they loved it. Really shows up great on the blondes., 09/11/12
- By GCS From US
  Great Eye Catcher!!
We used this product for our float in our hometown parade. Everyone loved seeing the girls and the different colors of hair that they had... we also purchased the colors of green, purple, yellow & orange. We got sooo many compliments even after the parade was over!! Thanks for helping us get the 2nd place ribbon for our float!!!!, 05/10/12
- By Girl Scout Mama From US
  Worked Well!
We used this product to enhance students' appearance while wearing hot pink t-shirts at an awards ceremony. It contirubuted to the fun atmosphere of what we were doing! The spray went far, perhaps 4 heads per can (on small children)., 04/06/11
- By JDT From US
We used this spray during a fundraiser. The kids loved it., 01/05/11
- By Barb From US
  I love it
I love it., 09/06/10
- By madison From US