Rainbow LED Ice Cubes

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Add a rainbow of color to your drinks with our 4-pack of Color Changing Rainbow LEDIce Cubes! Perfect for your party or special occasion, these light-up rainbow ice cubes add an extra element of fun to any event! Each rainbow light-up ice cube measures 1.5" square and contains 1 red, 1 blue, and 1 green LED that lights up the ice cube from the inside. Choose from a variety of lighting variations, including various color cycles, flashing, continuous on, and a rainbow cycle, via a switch on the bottom of the cube and watch as your drinks light up in a dazzling display! Perfect for graduation parties, holiday parties, birthday and anniversary parties, and LGBTQ+ Parties too. Our Rainbow LED Ice Cubes are sold in retail-ready 4 packs, with batteries included and installed. Please note these Rainbow LED Ice Cubes are intended for decorative purposes only and are not meant to be frozen.

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  A party in evey glass!
By Glo Mama in US , 11/03/13
Great fun for children and adults! Can choose a favorite solid color, or have all the colors cycle! Found these originally at Disney California Adventures Tron Party, sold in their Glo-jitos! Any dark winter evening will be better with one of these in your glass.
By zage_bvd in US , 10/29/13
Innovative and great quality product.
  Easy and cool way to kick up a party!
By Monster Mean Be in US , 10/02/13
This is a very delightful product. I first came upon this item at Disneyland. I kept it and tried to find a cheaper version online. Others rated similar products poorly. Some others leaked into kids drinks! Parents mortified....parents threaten to sue host. To much drama to worry about. I thought if this product by this vendor (pretty sure they are the vendor to Disneyland because I kept the cube)
  Rainbow Lited Ice Cubes
By LAC Party Host in US , 07/27/13
The lited ice cubes are great for identifying individual drinks by simply making each ice cube per drink lite up a different color.

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  • Rainbow LED Ice Cubes

$10.70 Per 4 pack

The current available quantity is 0