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Snowflake Cutouts

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Make your room glitter like fresh snow with our whimsical Value Pack of Glittering Snowflake Cutouts. Our Snowflake Cutouts feature a sparkling assortment of sizes and snowflake designs that are perfect for decorating homes, classrooms, and offices, too! Easily attach our beautiful snowflakes to walls with Sticky Tack, Items SUP010 or SUP017. Each snowflake is gorgeous and glittering on one side only. Perfect for decorating windows and walls or even hanging for setting a romantic winter wonderland-type mood. Each value pack of snowflake cutouts comes with; 2 - 11 1/2 inch cutouts, 4 - 7 1/2 inch cutouts, and 14 - 5 inch cutouts. Lightweight cardboard Assorted sizes and designs Value pack of 20 snowflake cutouts