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Earn Free Shipping* on orders over $69 - Use Promo Code:  SHIP69 OR Take Part in our 4th of July Sale 10% OFF orders over $99 - Use Promo Code:  JULY410
Earn Free Shipping* on orders over $69 - Use Promo Code:  SHIP69 OR Take Part in our 4th of July Sale 10% OFF orders over $99 - Use Promo Code:  JULY410

Celebrate Shark Week with These 5 DIY Ideas

Celebrate Shark Week in style with these fun shark-themed crafts and activities!

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Celebrate Shark Week with These 5 DIY Ideas

July 24, 2014

If you’re like us, Shark Week is something you’ve been looking forward to since it ended last August. I think we are so fascinated with these creatures because they are mysterious and we don’t quite understand them. Our first instinct is to fear them, which makes us somewhat interested in them. Shark Week gives us insight into the lives of these majestic beings.

Although Shark Week is weeks away, we know some of you have already been planning your Shark Week festivities—whether it’s a Shark Week soiree or gathering all your shark gear to wear that week. If you haven’t begun thinking about Shark Week, we have 5 do-it-yourself ideas that you can partake in with friends and family, or on your own! Check out these 5 Shark Week DIYs:


1. Make a Shark Week Cocktail

Invite a few friends over for a small Shark Week watch party, and enjoy their company while sipping on some delicious cocktails. And what’s more perfect to serve to guests than a Shark Bite cocktail during Shark Week?! This blue cocktail is made up of mostly rum, and will make Shark Week even more fun! In order to make this cocktail you’ll need:

1 oz. white rum

1 oz. spiced rum

½ oz. Blue Curacao

1 ½ oz. sweet and sour mix

2 oz. Sprite or 7up

¼ oz. Grenadine

Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, along with ice, and shake it well. Strain the mixture into a martini glass, or any glass of your choice. Then garnish with a cherry and/or an orange slice. Finally, drink up and enjoy Shark Week!


2. Make Your Own Shark Jaws to Hang on Your Wall


If you have children, this DIY would make for a great craft to pull them away from their electronics, or get them out of the summer heat for awhile! What they’re making is a paper version of shark jawbones. This craft is simple to prepare for—all you need are a few paper plates and scissors! Vanilla or ivory tinted paint is optional.

First, fold the paper plate in half. Cut jagged edges, like shark teeth, along the inside arch of the paper plate, making sure as to not cut the fold-over edge of the plates.  

Once that’s finished, open up the paper plate and you’ll see shark jaws forming!

Carefully cut off the fold-over edge of the paper plate, making wider, curved edges by the side corners of the mouth, as well as the top and bottom of the mouth (like shark jawbones have).

If you decided to paint your shark jawbone, then go ahead and do so once it has been cut. Let the paint dry and you’ll have your very own shark jawbones to hang on your walls!


3. Give Yourself a Shark Manicure


Paint little shark figures onto your nails as a cute way to get into the Shark Week spirit! First choose a base color, such as ocean blue, black, or any color you prefer. Paint your nails as you normally would with your chosen base color. However, don’t paint your topcoat on just yet.

Next, decide what kind of shark images you would like to paint on your nails. Shark fins would be cute—and also easiest—as well as a shark head! Take grey or silver nail polish and carefully paint shark fins onto each of your nails. You can also choose to paint a shark fin on one nail for each hand, only.

If you decide to make a shark head, use the grey or silver paint and paint half of an almond shape onto one of your fingers (I would suggest doing this on your thumb or big toe nail, as they are bigger). Now take black nail polish and make a smaller half almond shape (using a toothpick or bobby pin would be more helpful) directly onto the dried grey or silver almond shape. This is going to be the sharks open mouth.

Take your toothpick and create two black eyes (two black dots) on your shark.

Use a white nail polish, and your toothpick, to create sharp shark teeth on the top edge of the mouth.

Let the nail polish dry, and then paint your topcoat on to keep the images intact.


4. Serve Fruit Salad Straight out of a Sharks Mouth

If you’re having guests over to watch Shark Week, or have a pre-planned party that falls during the week of August 10th, create a fun fruit bowl to serve to your guests. Purchase a whole, uncut watermelon from your grocery store. Cut out a quarter of it using a sharp knife, creating straight edges. Cut out the remaining watermelon from the inside, being careful not to cut the shell of the watermelon. Once the watermelon has been gutted, you can create sharp, jagged shark teeth out of the straight edges of the ¼ chunk of the watermelon you previously cut out. Cut it how you would carve a pumpkin. Then, place your fruit salad into it and place it out for guests to adore!


5. Play “Shark Hole”

Most people have heard of, or have played, the game “corn hole” or “bags.” Put a Shark Week twist on the popular game by creating “shark hole!” Take large pieces of grey construction paper, and cut two half almond shapes that are the same length as your corn hole boards. The bottom of the shark head (or half almond shape) should be as wide as your corn hole boards.

Next, place the cut out shark head shape onto your corn hole board to figure out where to cut out the sharks mouth. The shape of the mouth should be similar to an orange or apple slice. Make it wide enough to fit over the hole of the corn hole board.

One the mouths are cut out of the sharks, take white construction paper and make tiny triangles for the shark’s teeth. Also make eyes out of construction paper. Glue these to the shark heads.

One your shark heads are dry and put together, tape them onto your corn hole boards. Now play a friendly game of Shark Hole! The rules of corn hole should apply to this game, as well. 

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