Shop by Country

Shop by country—at Windy City Novelties, our wide inventory of themed party supplies can help you create a fun cultural experience for all your guests.

Looking to celebrate and honor your culture? At Windy City Novelties, we have all you need to throw a fun-filled, cultural celebration! Show your USA pride on 4th of July, celebrate your German heritage on Oktoberfest, make a Mexican festive fiesta for Cinco de Mayo, or create a lively international party for all to enjoy—whatever country’s culture you’re looking to highlight, we have the supplies to make your party a hit!

Pick from our vast inventory of themed party supplies and decorations, including festive balloons, patriotic flag embroidered table dressings and tableware, custom banners and more. Don’t forget our wide assortment of LED light-up and glow products to bring your heritage to life! Travel the world with party products from Windy City Novelties—just pick a country and shop!