Windy City Novelties

Party Horns & Kazoos

Windy City Novelties has a variety of festive party horns available to you in various styles and colors, including fringed options, bugle shaped horns, slide flutes, and more.

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  • $20.15 Per 12 pack

    Echo Microphones
  • $5.95 Per 12 Pack

    Silver & Gold 8" Fringed Party Horns
  • $3.85 Per 12 pack

    Colorful Foil 8" Horns
  • $3.99 Per 12 pack

    Gold Foil 9" Party Horns
  • $4.00 Per 10 pack

    Cigar Party Horns
  • $5.95 Each

    Air Horns
  • $2.99 Per 8 pack $4.95

    Foil Blowouts
  • $9.95 Per 12 pack

    Novelty Slide Flutes
  • $4.55 Per 12 pack

    Party Kazoos
  • $3.15 Per 12 pack

    Ratchet Noisemakers
  • $12.95 Per 12 pack

    Groan Tubes

Get in tune at your next celebration with the help of Windy City Novelties’ party horn noise makers. These party horns and kazoos come in a different colors, sizes, and styles. Whether you’re attending a New Year’s Eve Party, a surprise birthday party, or a special fundraiser, you’ll find a party blow horn to match your theme here. Celebrate your NYE countdown with fringed or confetti party horn blowers. Stuff kids’ goodie bags with foil wrapped party horns or mini slide flutes. Consider pairing these fun noise makers with plastic kazoos. Throwing a surprise birthday party? Wow the birthday boy or girl with a whole procession of party horns. Hosting a large group event? Take advantage of our affordable bulk noisemaker pricing options. You can even use these novelty horns to sound off large donations or reaching a specific goal.