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Imprintable Medallions

Choose from different colors and styles of our imprintable medallions. Add any custom message or logo for give-aways and party favors.

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Windy City Novelties has a great variety of barware items that you can personalize with a special name, message or logo image. Stock up and pass them out to guests, attendees, and partygoers at your special events and corporate functions. We have more than 200 products to choose from, including special light-up balloons, security wrist bands with lights, pint glasses, lanyards, shot glasses, serving trays, swizzle sticks, martini glasses, stadium cup lids, glowing ice cubes, serving pitchers, faux candlesticks, tea light candles, and more. Give all your guests something to remember your event by when you send them home with any of our great barware items that features a special imprint you designed yourself.