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Glow Vendors

What is this product? A Glow Necklace is a piece of plastic tubing (hollow) in which a special GLOWING liquid is sealed inside. The glow will last from 4-10 hours depending on the color. They have been around for years although you usually see them at the large Theme Parks. Disney World sells zillions of them (at substantial markups).

What causes the Necklaces to glow? The secret is in the liquid (nick-named "Glow Juice"). One of the chemistry experiments your science teacher might have had you do consisted of pouring two clear liquids together. The combined mixture turned red! "Glow Juice" works the same way, when you mix two liquids together the combination makes a SAFE luminescent glow.

Is the liquid safe? Our "Glow Juice" is non-toxic and does not violate any patent. It is not meant for children under 5 years of age. The liquid should NOT be removed from the tubing since it may stain clothing and furniture. If you get it in your eyes it will sting, similar to the feeling of having soap in your eyes. Have the person flush water in their eyes repeatedly. If the stinging sensation continues the person should see a physician.

SELF-ACTIVATED NECKLACES are manufactured keeping the two chemicals separated within the plastic tubing. One chemical is in a glass ampule (inside the tube_ and the second chemical surrounds it (also inside the tube). Since they have not yet mixed, they are not glowing. To "activate" the glow, just bend the necklace. This causes the two liquids to mix. To help the mixing, shake the necklaces vigorously for a minute or two.Wholesale Glow Necklaces

Where do the things sell best? Glow Necklaces, as well as our other products, sell GREAT at night time events or in dark environments such as Laser Shows, Concerts, Fairs, and Celebrations. Other good places to sell necklaces are: Nightclubs, Roller Rinks, School Football Games, Museums, and, Halloween Haunted Houses. Almost every community has its own July 4th Firworks show, Rodeo, or a type of Summer Festival with evening events and concerts. State or County Fairs are great places to sell Glow products.

How do I find these events? Many give the name and phone number of the coordinator of the event. You should always get permission from each event coordinator to sell glow. Don't be afraid to call up your local newspaper. Your local newspaper usually has lists of upcoming Carnivals, Fairs, or Community Events. Best of all, call the Office of Tourism in your state. It is usually an 800 number and they should send you tons of literature about upcoming events.

What do I say to these event coordinators? Introduce Yourself! Most coordinators are familiar with our Glow Products and are happy to discuss your possible participation. Tell them that you would like the opportunity to sell Glow Products at Night at their particular event. You can tell them that the product is perfectly safe and sold at major amusement parks throughout the world. They will probably ask for either a fee, or a "piece of the action". Now it is necessary for you to make what ever deal you can live with. Some cities only require you to buy an inexpensive vendor license. Some cities don't. Regardless we suggest strongly that you get the appropriate approval and not just "bootleg" at events. When you negotiate your deal with the event coordinator, try to be the "exclusive" Glow Vendor for the event.

How do I sell them, and at what price? Glow Necklaces are pure impulse items and therefore need to be seen. You should activate a handful and walk into a crowd of people. Once one person buys, it frequently starts a "feeding frenzy" and you will probably be mobbed by customers. We offer a Vending Apron designed for Glwo Necklaces as well as a Three Tube Vending Caddy. The apron has clear panels in front, so the Glowing Necklaces can be easily seen. Deep pockets are on the side for money. We recommend you sell your necklaces for $3 each or two for $5. Try to avoid the need to make change, it will slow you down during your selling period. Be careful! You will probably be carrying a lot of money by the end of the evening.

What colors are available?

  • SINGLE COLORS: Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow, or Orange.
  • BI-COLOR COMBINATIONS: Green/Pink, Pink/Blue, Blue/Red, Red/Green or Green/Blue.
  • TRI-COLOR COMBINATIONS: Green/Red/Blue or Red/White/Blue.

How many necklaces can I realistically hope to sell? Great vending opportunities.  Summer glow events.There are lots of variables in estimating Glow Necklace sales such as: numbers of potential customers, quantity of glow vendors, darkness or the event and time available to vend. July 4th Fireworks displays, for example, give you less than 1 hour to sell but the crowds are huge. If you have lots of vendors ready to sell, you should make lots of money. You will develop the feel for Glow Necklace vending quickly, and be able to judge how many to order for your next event more accurately.

How Many Vendors should I have and what should I pay them? We suggest having 1 vendor for every 500 people of estimated attendance. This should give you adequate coverage. The question of vendor pay is up to you. We recommend paying on a per sale basis only, say about 25 cents for each necklace sold. Also, you may want to offer a $25.00 bonus for the vendor who sells the most Necklaces. Both are great incentives for selling lots of product.

How Do I Get Started? Contact some of the people in charge of your local summer events. July 4th fireworks is a natural. We'll be happy to answer any other questions you may have, just give us a call. It's in all our interests for you to be successful vendor.