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Flying Toys

Add some aeronautic fun into your life with our cool Flying Toys. Windy City Novelties has a lot of fun items that soar through the air, including our plastic throwing rings.

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  • $7.99 Per 12 pack

    Missile Shooters
  • $19.99 Per 12 pack

    Rocket Flyers
  • $1.99 Per 12 pack

    Rocket Launchers
  • $9.30 Per 12 pack

    Pull String Flying Saucers
  • $2.99 Per 12 pack

    Flying Helicopters
  • $19.95 Per 12 pack

    Flying 10" Discs
  • $2.95 Each

    Glow Flying Disc
  • $6.95 Each

    LED Flying Disc

Windy City Novelties has a variety of fun toys with aeronautic properties. Have fun playing with all of our Flying Toys at all of your outdoor events this season. Here you will discover rockets, flying gliders, whirly wheels, ice cream cone guns, rubber poppers, sticky darts, beach balls, and anything that you can make soar through the air. We have more than a dozen super cool and fun flying toys for you to choose from to have fun in the sun this year. Windy City Novelties also has a selection of fun LED and glowing toys for you to send soaring through the air with the greatest of ease. The kids are sure to love our Disc Shooters. You can procure these plastic disc shooters in an assortment of bright colors, including pink, orange, yellow, blue and green and they are each fitted with a small neon colored disc that you can send flying when you squeeze the handle. Have competitions to see who can shoot their discs the farthest and reward the winner with a fun party prize. Our Disc Shooters measure 4 1/8 inches in length, which make them great for small hands.  Place an order for this fun toy by the dozen and stock up on the fun for your upcoming outdoor party. Any outback themed event would be better with some boomerangs available for your guests to play with. Try your hand at mastering this fun this fun toy and challenge your friends to see how far they can throw. Our 16 inch Plastic Boomerangs come in an assortment of fun and bright colors, including red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple. They are sold by the dozen, so stock up and make sure everyone gets a chance to try their hand at this classic Australian Aboriginal pastime. We have Missile Shooters that are sure to increase the fun at your backyard barbecues this summer. Insert the foam missiles these plastic shooters and watch the projectiles soar through the air. Each shooter measures 4 3/4 inches and come in an assortment of bright colors. Place your order today for a dozen of these fun toys. We can help you up the fun level at any outdoor event with these fun flying toys. Stock up on all of your favorites and challenge your friends to a lighthearted competition when you send any of our aeronautical delights aloft into the sky.