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Get Free Shipping On Orders $69+ | Use Code:  FREESHIP OR Choose Your Own Promo CLICK HERE >

Keep Children Busy Indoors on Cold Winter Days

A complete guide to our toys and games for fun indoor play!

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Keep Children Busy Indoors on Cold Winter Days

January 28, 2014

In parts of the country the winter season can be brutal, with below freezing temperatures, wind chills, snow and ice, sometimes causing schools, businesses, and even roads to close. Keep children busy on snow days—or during indoor recess in classrooms—with the help of toys and games from Windy City Novelties! These toys and games are a more educational alternative to video games, and will allow children to socially interact with one another. Here is a guide to our large selection of toys and games for that cold winter day:




Games are especially great to play indoors when the weather is unfavorable. Our selection of games is suitable for children (and adults) of all ages. Some games can also be used to get the entire class involved. During indoor recess, gather the classroom to play a game of Bingo, or round up several students to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Children can participate in games for smaller groups, such as card games, checkers and dominos. 

Bingo Game Set

Card Games


Pinball and Puzzle Games


For snow days, or other activities for children to partake in during indoor recess, have children complete puzzles individually. Our pinball and puzzle games include sliding puzzles in which they must put together a distorted image, maze puzzles, and mini handheld pinball games. These puzzles will not only keep kids busy, but will also improve their puzzle solving skills! 

Retro Slide Puzzles

Sports Pinball Games


Spin Tops and Wind-Up Toys


Children can also keep busy with tiny spin tops and wind-up toys. Choose from a selection of colorful spin tops, as well as a variety of animal wind-ups. 

Walking Wild Animals


Growing and Sticky Toys


On a cold snow day, have your child keep busy by growing their own dinosaur. They simply stick the figure into water and watch as it grows. 



Finger Puppets


Kids can let their imaginations run wild with finger puppets. Choose from different types of animals, such as farm animals, wild animals or monsters! 

Wild Animal Plush Finger Puppets



Yo-yos are an age old toy that can keep children busy for hours. They’ll have fun trying to learn new tricks. Choose from a variety of different yo-yos, including wooden yo-yos, light up yo-yos, and much more. 

Plastic Yo-Yo with Lights


Casino Games and Play Money


On harsh winter days during the weekends, have everyone in the family come together to play some casino games! Set up table cloths for various casino games, such as Blackjack, or play a few card games in order to win some fake money. 

Blackjack Laydown Tabletop Cloth

Play Money




Have kids bring out their creative side when you give them crafts to do. Give them a kit to design their own mug, or let them build their own structures using popsicle sticks and glue. 


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