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A Guide to Our Holy Bleep! Birthday Party Supplies

A Guide to Our Holy Bleep! Birthday Party Supplies


Get ready for a fantastic birthday event with all of our Holy Bleep Birthday Theme Party Supplies! We have everything you need to get ready to host a great event and entertain all of your friends, family, and loved ones on a most special occasion.  Your birthday party is sure to make a fantastic impression when you utilize all of our Holy Bleep Theme Party Supplies at your upcoming event.  Make the party planning process as easy as can be with matching party supplies that are sure to brighten up your event space. 

All of our Holy Bleep Birthday theme party supplies boast bold colors and symbols set against a black background.  We have a whole range of tableware, decorations, invitations, and custom banners to help you create a unified and cohesive party space.  Celebrate with style, and a little help from Windy City Novelties.  The Holy Bleep Birthday theme party supplies are perfect for surprise party occasions for a guest of honor who has a sense of humor.  These lighthearted party supplies will help you create a fun party environment that can be enjoyed by all ages.  Send out some Holy Bleep Birthday theme invitations and decorate with a Holy Bleep Birthday centerpiece and hang a matching custom banner or two.  Your Holy Bleep Birthday party is sure to be a success with all of these awesome party supplies from Windy City Novelties. 

Consider this fun theme for a surprise milestone birthday event.  It’s great for anyone turning 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 70 years old with special milestone products that highlight all of those specific ages.  We can help you create a fantastic environment to celebrate those milestone moments.  Stock up on all of your favorites to get ready for the big day and get ready to have a blast at your Holy Bleep Birthday party event!

Holy Bleep Birthday Personalized Invitations

We have two styles of Holy Bleep Birthday theme invitations for you to choose from, including a special design that allows you to incorporate a photograph or logo image, along with your chosen text.  Let everyone know when and where your event is going to be held in your own words.  Both our Holy Bleep Birthday Personalized Invitations and our Holy Bleep Photo Personalized Invitations are fully customizable.  Pick from 12 font types and 24 ink colors to display your event’s details.  You can add your own special greeting and headline for your choice of invitation to make an excellent first impression with your guests.  Include the name of your guest of honor and let all your guests know any special details, like whether your event is meant to be a surprise or if they should arrive with bathing suits for a pool party.  The Holy Bleep Birthday Personalized Invitations feature the phrase “Holy #%@*! You are Old!” printed in bold letters on the left hand side with an easy-to-read text box on the right where your chosen text will be featured.  The Holy Bleep Photo Personalized Invitations feature a similar design with added space for your uploaded image of choice.  Follow a few simple steps to upload a special image, like a snapshot or portrait photograph of your guest of honor, and it will be featured on these invitations, along with your chosen text.  You can have your chosen style of invitation professionally printed on one of two select sizes: 4 inches by 6 inches or 5 inches by 7 inches.  The party can start as soon as your guests open the matching envelopes to your choice of invitation.  Our personalized invitations make excellent save the date cards.  Send them out in the weeks ahead of your event to give everyone plenty of time to RSVP and clear their schedules for your upcoming event.

Holy Bleep Birthday Custom Banners

Add some style and a super personalized touch to your event when you decorate your space with custom banners to match your Holy Bleep Birthday theme!  We have two matching varieties for you to choose from for your Holy Bleep Birthday event.  Customize a single banner or several and use them to decorate your event space to make a fun and festive party-scape that is sure to delight all of your guests.  Our heavy duty vinyl banners come in five select sizes that range from 12 inches by 24 inches all the way up to 48 inches by 96 inches.  You can add a special birthday message to our Holy Bleep Birthday Custom Banner and hang it anywhere in your space.  This design features a confetti filled black background with bold letters that read, “Holy #%@*! You are old!”  There is an easy-to-read text box where your custom message can be featured.  Include the name of your guest of honor or just a general welcome message and hang your banner in a place of prominence at your party!  Our extra special Holy Bleep Birthday Custom Photo Banner allows you to incorporate an uploaded photograph or logo image, along with your text, in the final design.  You can pair a special message that features the name of your guest of honor with a photograph of your guest of honor.  Pick out a nice portrait or a fun snapshot image.  You can even choose to display a cute baby picture on this banner for a fun touch that is sure to delight.  Personalize a special custom banner to welcome guests to your event and hang one in your party’s entryway.  These highly visible and eye-catching banners will look great anywhere in your space and they are super durable, which makes them great for outdoor parties as well.  Each banner is complete with superior grade grommets placed strategically along the edges for easy hanging. 

Holy Bleep Birthday Decorations

Windy City Novelties has some special Holy Bleep Birthday theme decorations that you can use to dress up your event space with extra party pizazz.  Transform your space from top to bottom with special party decorations that will match your chosen theme and help you create a fun space to celebrate an extra special birthday with friends, family, and loved ones.  Stock up on our Holy Bleep Birthday Centerpiece, which is sold individually.  Place an order for a single or several of these great decorations and use them throughout your space.  This item will look fantastic on your party tables.  Set one out on the buffet or place a Holy Bleep Birthday Centerpiece on either side of your gift table.  This 8 1/2" mini foil centerpiece is a delight with tiers of silver metallic fringe that cascades out of the center.  There are brightly colored symbol accents and this decoration features a circle-cut, lightweight cardboard topper with “You’re Old” printed in bold letters on a black background.  It matches the square shaped base, which has “Holy #%@*! You’re Old!” printed on each of the four sides.  We also carry Holy Bleep Hanging Cutouts that you can hang from your ceilings, door frames, in windows, or wherever you choose.  Each pack of Holy Bleep Hanging Cutouts comes three decorations to hang, along with a selection of age stickers that you can add for special milestone birthday events.  There are colorful symbol accents and a larger, lightweight cardboard cutouts at the end of each string that features either “You’re Old” or “Holy #%@*! You’re Old!”  Stock up and attach them to the edges of your party tables and they can hang down in place of a traditional table skirt.  Our Holy Bleep Hanging Cutouts are sold by the pack. 

Holy Bleep Birthday Tableware

Check out all of our fantastic Holy Bleep Birthday theme tableware and stock up based on the number of guests you anticipate for your event.  We have a wide range and variety of fun paper plates with napkins, cups, and table covers to match!  Pick out square shaped Holy Bleep plates in two sizes or choose one of our milestone varieties to celebrate a special 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, or 70th birthday event with added style.  Our Holy Bleep 7" Square Plates are a great option for any birthday event.  They are sold in packs of eight and are great for small snacks or slices of delicious birthday cake.  We also offer our milestone options in 7-inch sizes.  Check out our 30 Holy Bleep 7" Square Plates for 30th birthday party events.  These fun and durable paper plates feature the same square shape and bold colors, but feature the number 30 in green in the printed theme design.  We also have 40 Holy Bleep 7" Square Plates with an orange 40, 50 Holy Bleep 7" Square Plates with a blue 50, 60 Holy Bleep 7" Square Plates with a red 60, and 70 Holy Beep 7" Square Plates.  Each of these special milestone plate packs can be purchased in packs of eight plates. 

If you are in the market for a larger size plate to serve up main course menus or larger portions, we have Holy Bleep 9" Square Plates that will be perfect at your event.  These 9-inch paper plates feature the Holy Bleep Birthday motif and are sold in packs of 8.  Use them in your party’s place settings or set them out in stacks on the buffet tables to let guests help themselves to whatever birthday delights you plan to serve at your event. 

You can pair them with Holy Bleep 12 Oz. Cups, which are sold in packs of eight.  These festive paper cups are perfect for cold or warm beverages and will be the perfect choice to serve up ladles of party punch, a serving of your favorite soda, or any delicious beverage option you choose to make available for thirsty guests.  Round out your tableware with some matching party napkins. 

We have a variety of styles to choose from to match a Holy Bleep Birthday theme, including our 30 Holy Bleep Beverage Napkins, which come in packs of 16 and feature a large number 30 printed in green.  We have similar styles for other milestone birthday events, including our 40 Holy Bleep Beverage Napkins, which feature an orange number 40; the 50 Holy Bleep Beverage Napkins, which feature a blue number 50; the 60 Holy Bleep Beverage Napkins, with a red number 60; and the 70 Holy Bleep Beverage Napkins, which have a green number 70 printed on the front.  Each of these varieties are sold in packs with 16 napkins each. 

You can tie together your entire room with something as simple and affordable as our Holy Bleep Table Cover. With measurements of 108 inches by 54 inches, this plastic table cover should easily cover most standard size folding tables and is guaranteed to look great in your event space.  Our Holy Bleep Table Covers are sold individually and feature stripes of the Holy Bleep Birthday motif, “Holy #%@*! You’re How Old?” printed down the length of banner on either side with a white center and edges.  Fold or trim a table cover to better cover smaller size surfaces and use one on all of your flat surfaces, including countertops.  Table covers are a great decoration and can help you protect your furniture from any accidental party time spills.  You could even place an order for extra Holy Bleep Table Covers and carefully trim off the decorative edges to hang on your walls as a festive party banner to match your chosen décor. 

With all of these matching party supplies your Holy Bleep Birthday themed event is sure to be a hit with all your guests!  Stock up on all of your favorites and get ready for a fun time.  Celebrate with style and honor that special someone on their birthday with a fantastic party filled with brightly colored party supplies that feature a bold style and fun message.  We can help you add a personalized touch to your upcoming event with custom invitations and banners to match.  Lay out some Holy Bleep Table Covers and set out stacks of paper plates with cups and napkins to match.   Have fun dressing up your space with our Holy Bleep Birthday decorations.   You can enhance this colorful party scheme with solid colored balloons and decorations to match.  Help that special someone ease into a new decade of their life with fun party items that showcase the number 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70.  We can help you make the party planning process as fun and simple as can be with this great selection of Holy Bleep Birthday theme items.    

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