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A Guide to our Kids Superhero Costumes

A Guide to our Kids Superhero Costumes


Boys and girls both love watching, playing with, and pretending to be superheroes. For your special child’s next birthday party or Halloween costume let him or her really get into character with one of the Kids Superhero Costumes from Windy City Novelties. With costumes ranging from Batman, to Captain America, to Green Lantern, and more, there is something for every young superhero to feel powerful and ready to fight off the bad guys. Heroine

Here are some of Our Favorites:


Thor, The Flash, & Hulk Costumes

The Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Toddler Costume fits toddlers sizes 3T-4T and includes a polyester character jumpsuit with built in muscles and a detachable cape. The DC Comics the Flash Muscle Chest Deluxe Toddler Child Costume comes in sizes toddler (2T-3T), small (4-6), medium (8-10), and large (12-14) and features a padded, red muscle chest jumpsuit with attached yellow boot tops, a yellow lighting style belt, and of course the lighting winged headpiece. The Hulk Classic Muscle Chest Toddler Child Costume includes a green polyester jumpsuit with built in muscles and a character mask. For a complete effect, use green body paint to paint the hands, feet, and neck and really turn your little one into the strong man. Throwing a superhero themed party to match the costumes is also easy with the party supplies and tips from Windy City Novelties.


Kids Batman Costumes

Batman is a classic superhero that never loses his appeal. Your little one can be the Dark Knight and your girl, if she does not want to be Batman, can be another Batman character in an assortment of Batman costumes. The Dark Knight Rises Batman Light-Up Child Costume is a fun take on a classic. It comes in sizes small (4-6), medium (8-10), and large (12-14) and includes a jumpsuit with light up neckline (which would be perfect for sunset trick-or-treating), a cape, a belt, and a mask. The Batman Dark Knight Batman Toddler Costume is a one-piece bodysuit built for comfort with an armor and utility belt graphic printed on black. It also has a cape and Batman headpiece that is sure to please any size fan of the Caped Crusader. The Batman The Dark Knight Rises Child Costume comes in sizes small, medium, and large and features a detailed jumpsuit with attached boot tops, a headpiece, a cape, and a belt.

For the girls, there are a few Batman-inspired costumes. You could dress her up as a classic in a Batgirl costume. The Batgirl Toddler Costume comes complete with a shiny black dress with a yellow bat symbol, an attached cape, black boot and forearm covers, a yellow utility belt, and of course a bat character mask. The Batgirl Child Costume comes with a glossy Batman black dress, matching arm guards, boot covers, and, of course, the essential Bat-tastic mask! It also includes energetic yellow accents for a fresh look to the disguise. The Batgirl Tutu Toddler Costume and Batgirl Tutu Child Costume are super adorable with tutu skirts and come with a dress, a cape, a belt, a black eye mask, and gauntlets. A Batman Bat-a-Rang is a heavy plastic Batman boomerang that measure eight and a half inches long and is a fun accessory for any Batman or Batgirl costume.

For a Batman or Batgirl themed party, check out the Batman Party Supplies available at Windy City Novelties. From decorations, to invitations, to paper goods, everything is one click away. If you are searching for ideas for food for the event, you can create Batman logos on Ritz crackers with canned cheese. For small bite foods kids will enjoy, serve your guests “Batwings” (simple fried chicken wings that can be boneless of boned) and Penguin nuggets (chicken nuggets), along with Joker fries (French fries cut in the shape of smiley faces). As a dessert, you can make sugar cookies and frost them with green frosting with purple questions marks (as a nod to The Riddler). 


Kids Captain America Costumes

Any boy or girl would look adorable and patriotic as Captain America. The Captain America Infant/Toddler Costume  includes a classic red, white, and blue bodysuit complete with a head cover. The Captain America Deluxe Muscle Child Costume comes in sizes small (4-6) and medium (7-8) and features a traditional red, white, and blue jumpsuit and white and blue hood. The Captain America Classic Child Costume is available in small (4-6), medium (7-8) and large (10-12) and includes a full jumpsuit and a mask. The Avengers Captain America Classic Muscle Chest Toddler Costume and the Avengers Captain America Classic Muscle Chest Child Costume, which comes in sizes 4/6, 7/8, 10/12, both include a patriotic polyester jumpsuit with built-in muscles and a character headpiece. 

For the female fans of Captain America, there is the Captain America Girl Classic Toddler/Child Costume. The sparkly costume is red, white, and true blue, with Captain America's famous star logo. It includes a dress with cape and a mask. Pair it with a pair of Shazam Red Child Boots, which feature an approximate half-inch heel, faux leather material, and a raised trim cuff and come in small (11-12), medium (13-1), large (2-3), and extra large (4-5). Complete any Captain America costume with a Captain America Child Shield, which is twenty-three inches in diameter and a plastic vacuum formed children's shield, and a pair of Captain America Child Gloves. 

A Captain America theme party should definitely have a red, white, and blue color scheme. Decorate your space with balloons, streamers, and paper goods in those colors. For some extra decorations hang white stars (like Captain America has on his shield and chest) from ceilings, doorways, and windows. For food, serve your guests sandwiches cut into the shapes of stars and traditional American foods, like cheeseburgers and hot dogs. For your beverages, you can serve fruit juices that are red and blue. 


Kids Iron Man Costumes

Stark Industries would be proud to have your superhero dress up as Iron Man and with one of the costumes from Windy City Novelties your boy or girl will be just as prepared to fight evil as Tony Stark. The Iron Man Muscle Toddler Costume comes in sizes 2T and 3T/4T and consists of a one-piece, long-sleeved, jumpsuit that is predominantly bright red and accented with a yellow graphic detail and a soft helmet/mask. The Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Classic Muscle Chest Costume comes in sizes 4/6, 7/8, and 10/12 and includes a muscle chest jumpsuit and a mask. The Iron Man 3 Patriot Classic Muscle Costume is available in sizes extra small (3T-4T), small (4-6), medium (8-10), and large (12-14) and includes a jumpsuit and a mask. The Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Light Up Kids Costume comes in sizes small (4-6), medium (8-10), and large (12-14) and features a polyester, electronic and fiberfill children's costume with the jumpsuit, an LED arc reactor, and a mask.

Iron Man is an easy party for which to decorate. Start with a red and gold color theme and add some additional touches with licensed party supplies, such as banners and table covers. You can also place an Iron Man mask at each table setting as a fun party favor for guests. For a food option, you can serve pizza, which is featured prominently in the Iron Man movies. 


Kids Spiderman Costumes

Little web slingers can be Peter Parker’s secret identity in a Spiderman costume. The Amazing Spider-Man Reversible Red to Black Muscle Chest Child Costume comes in 4T-6 and includes a full-length, long-sleeve, jumpsuit (which is reversible from the traditional red and blue hero to the black dark-hearted Spider-Man) and a reversible hood/mask—you can’t go wrong with two costumes in one! The Spider-Man Muscle Toddler Costume is available in sizes 2T or 3T-4T and includes a jumpsuit with a separate masked hood to protect his secret identity. The Ultimate Spider-Man Muscle Light Up Kids Costume comes with the jumpsuit, fiber optics, and a hood.  

For the female Spidey fans there are a couple of options, from classic red and blue to pink. The Spider-Girl pink Classic Toddler/Child Costume is available in sizes toddler (2T-3T), small (4-6X), and medium (7-8) and includes a pink dress with a sparkly mesh skirt and a silver mask. The Spider-Girl Child Teen Costume comes in sizes junior (7-9), medium (7-8), large (10-12), and extra large (14-16) and includes a shiny red and blue dress with black spider web accents, a black spider mask, red cuffs, and a pair of black leggings. The Ultimate Spider-Man Kid’s Web Shooter and Communicator Set the perfect accessory for a Spiderman or Spider-girl costume. It comes with one web shooter and one communicator.

Spider-Man is also a great theme for a superhero party. For a boy’s party, go with a red and blue color scheme. For a girl’s party, you can do red and blue or pink and black for your color scheme. For scene setters and photo backdrops you can paint large sheets of butcher block paper or cardboard in either pink or red for the background and paint black spider webs on them. Hang the spider webs on a wall for kids to take pictures in front of and to add color to your party space. You can also buy fake spiders and hang them from fishing line from windows, doorways, and other places or attach them to the paper/cardboard spider webs. For food and beverages, you can serve Green Goblin punch, a cheese ball covered in crushed blue tortilla chips and with black pipe cleaners attached to look like spider legs, and a taco dip with salsa as the top layer and sour cream squirted on top to look like Spiderman’s face. 


Superheroes are timeless characters that portray characteristics of good, while fighting evil and protecting the innocent. They are the perfect characters for a child to pretend to be since they exemplify quality character traits. With the selection of  Kids Superhero Costumes from Windy City Novelties your boy or girl will be feeling heroic, strong, and ready to stand up to any bad guy while looking just like the superheroes he or she admires. Kids superhero costumes also make great gifts for children because they promote creativity and imagination and provide hours of fun for the recipient. 

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