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A Guide to Our LED Costume Accessories

A Guide to Our LED Costume Accessories


Halloween is a grand occasion to light up the night, and the best way to get started is with LED costume accessories from Windy City Novelties. LEDs are a great addition to costumes for a number of reasons—they burn for hours and hours on end, they are energy efficient, and they always stay cool to the touch. You don't want to be encountering hot lights on your costume all evening and showing up at work the next day covered with little red spots—not to mention the danger of fire.

Lighting up your costume or your kids' costumes with LEDs is a super safety feature as well. The bright and colorful LEDs will ensure you can see and be seen on those autumn afternoons when dusk falls early.


LED Boas and Scarves

There's something about a boa that just makes you want to flounce, swing your hips, and really work the room. Imagine how much better it will be when your fun feather boa lights up with LEDs. Wearing a boa will give you confidence you might otherwise lack, and provides a great talking point if you're going out on Halloween hoping to meet and mingle. Boas have, at various points in history, been considered serious fashion, worn like long, feathered scarves draped over the arms and dipping down the back. The boa is believed to have taken its name from the boa constrictor snakes which were sometimes seen wrapping themselves around the necks of snake charmers. Originally made of fur, by the 1920s, boas were feathers all the way—the more exotic the better.

The Multi-Color LED White Scarf is made of a fuzzy synthetic fabric that harkens back to the days when boas were made of real fur. The cozy LED white scarf will keep you warm while you're following your kids around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. The white scarf is 60 inches long and is spangled with high-powered red, green, and blue LEDs which can be set to flash and cycle in six different modes. The multi-color LED white scarf will not only add to any Halloween costume, but will make a fun winter scarf when you're out skating, sledding, or shopping in the big city. The scarf is sold by the piece and comes with three AG13 batteries included and installed.


LED Gloves

Send your kids off to the school of rock wearing the LED Sequin Rock Star Gloves – Child Size. The kids' rock star glove is styled to look just like the adult size, with plain palms and top-side sequins and multi-color, multi-function LEDs in the fingertips. These sequin gloves would also look great with alien costumes – remember ET's glowing finger? They also make great gifts for musically-included kids. The child size sequin rock star gloves are 7 ½ inches long and 3 ¼ inches wide. The child size LED sequin rock star gloves are sold by the pair. They come with batteries included and installed.

Give some extra punch to your pumpkin costume with Orange LED Gloves. Each of these knit gloves has 15 bright orange LEDs inside that shine through the fabric with a weirdly cool glow. The orange LED gloves will keep your hands warm while trick-or-treating, and will also attract the best kind of attention at parties, while riding or walking in parades, or while doing the hand jive with friends. The orange LED gloves are sold by the pair and come with batteries included and installed.

The LED Rainbow Gloves are so amazing you won't ever want to take them off. The fabric gloves are plain on the palms, but the tops are packed with multi-color, multi-function LEDs, not only in the fingertips, but all down the fingers and the top of the hand. The LED rainbow gloves would be great as part of a skeleton costume created with El-Wire, also available from Windy City Novelties. Robot costumes will also get a power boost from the LED rainbow gloves. These gloves are dazzling out on the dance floor, and will make you stand out in the crowd at concerts, parties, and other events. The LED rainbow gloves are sold by the pair and come with batteries included and installed.


LED Accessories

No one will need to remind you to watch where you're walking when you replace your ordinary shoe laces with new LED light-up laces. It would be almost impossible not to keep looking at your feet when you are walking, running, or riding your bike wearing your favorite sneakers laced and tied with Flashing Red LED Shoe Laces. Parents love these laces because it makes it easy to keep an eye on their kids while they are out playing. The flashing LED shoe laces, which are also available in blue and green, are perfect for trick-or-treaters because the bright lights make children easy to spot by drivers who often feel like they are running an obstacle course going down the street on Halloween. The light-up shos laces are approximately 32 inches long, with an extra 2 1/8 inches for the on/off switch. One size fits most shoes, but the laces can be trimmed if needed. The LEDs can be set to fast blink, slow blink, or steady on. Coordinate the LED shoe laces to your or your child's costume, or just pick a favorite color and go. The flashing LED shoe laces are great for any nighttime event, whether it's taking an evening stroll, playing a few rounds of night golf, walking in a parade, or attending a concert. Don't forget to turn the switch to off when you're playing hide and seek! The flashing LED shoe laces are sold by the pair and come with batteries included and installed.

Fascinators are fabulous on your head, but can also be used to add some twinkle to your toes! The Red Rose Fiber Optic Fascinator is attached to an alligator clip that will turn you into a fabulous flamenco dancer, whether clipped behind your ear, or attached to your shoes. The fabric rose has fiber optics in the center powered by LEDs that cycle through a rainbow of colors. The 3-inch red rose fiber optic fascinator is sold by the piece and comes with batteries included and installed. Also available is a yellow flower fiber optic fascinator.


LED accessories make it easy to amp up the star power of any Halloween costume while also providing wearers with an extra measure of visibility and safety. When you are in the market for fun and functional LED products, just go to your friends at Windy City Novelties. 


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