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Add a Costume Hat to Your Party Outfit or Halloween Costume!

Add a Costume Hat to Your Party Outfit or Halloween Costume!


Windy City Novelties has hundreds of Costume Hats for you to choose from to get ready for any holiday event, costume party or any special occasion where you want to make a fun and bold fashion statement.  Complete a costumed look or procure a special style of hat to give out to party guests at a themed event like New Year’s Eve or Mardi Gras.  If you have been looking for the perfect head adornment to complete any special look, look to Windy City Novelties and search through our costume hats.  With hundreds to choose from, you are sure to find your new favorite accessory right here.   We have options for the whole family!  Here are some of our favorites:

  • Create some birthday magic with our Birthday Cake And Candles LED Hat. Have your guest of honor wear this fun, light up hat at a birthday celebration, or at least while friends and family are gathered for a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday!”  It is designed to look like a layer cake with LEDs installed atop the multicolored birthday candles at the top.  This hat is made of velvet material and is one size fits most.


  • Our LED Light Up Mardi Gras Velvet Jester Hat. It features all the colors of Fat Tuesday, and it has cool LEDs installed at the tip of each of the three points on the hat.  It comes with replaceable batteries already installed to help you light up the night on Bourbon Street or at any special occasion or sporting event. 


  • Our plastic Viking Helmet, which has large horn details and a golden spike at the top.  Fans of sports teams with Vikings as their mascot will love this hat, along with anyone who wants to dress up like a Viking warrior or princess for Halloween this year.  We even have a cool LED version of a Viking helmet for you.  The LED Viking Helmet has LEDs installed into the horn details that will glow a red color.  


  • Stun the crowd with cool personal style when you show up anywhere in our Gold LED Sequin Fedora. They are sold by the hat and come with three AG10 batteries included and installed. 


  • Wear our Cowboy Hat With Rolled Bandana any day of the week when you want to show off your country style.  This handmade hat is perfect for keeping the sun off your face at any occasion and features bright red bandana accents in the band and brim. 


  • We have a Velvet Wizard Hat that features a pointed hat style that is decorated with silver moons and stars on a blue velvet base.   It’s perfect for Halloween costumes and looks just like the one Mickey Mouse wore in the original “Fantasia” animation.  We even have a child’s size version that comes complete with attached Mickey Mouse ears.  The Disney Mickey Wizard Hat is an officially licensed product for kids and is a great costume idea kids who want to dress up like the sorcerer version of Mickey Mouse as depicted in the film. 


Windy City Novelties has a collection of special costume hats to complete your character costumes. 


  • Dress up like the characters from Alice in Wonderland with our Mad Hatter Adult Hat or Cheshire Cat Headpiece, based on the 2010 film.  We have a White Rabbit Child Hat for fans of “Alice in Wonderland” that is a black top hat style with a black and white check band detail and fuzzy, white rabbit ears. 


  • Windy City Novelties carries Propeller Beanies that you can use for your Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes.  Wear them for a fun group look for a silly outing with friends or family.  These great beanies are sold by the dozen and come in an assortment of pink, blue, orange and green hats that each have a white propeller at the top and a band to wear under your chin to secure the hat onto your head. 


  • Pick up a Sherlock Holmes Hat to look like the infamous British detective made popular by the BBC television series, “Sherlock”. 


  • We even have a Deluxe Indiana Jones Hat to help you dress up like your favorite fictional archaeologist. 


  • The Fedora Men's Black Adult has a lot of costume possibilities.  Wear one to any special event, including weddings, black tie events, a fancy night out or to complete a costume idea this Halloween.  Black fedoras are Roaring ‘20s and gangster themed parties. 


  • Encourage your budding astronauts with our NASA Astronaut Child Helmet, which can be worn on its own for fun or used to complete a cool astronaut costume for Halloween this year. 


  • Check out our cool, Disney Maleficent Hat Adult. This officially licensed Disney product is designed to look just like the one pictured in the classic Disney animated feature, worn by the evil queen. 


  • Complete your Wicked Witch costume and emulate the look featured in the 2013 feature film, “Oz: The Great and Powerful.”  The Great And Powerful Oz Wicked Witch Deluxe Hat, is a very tall, black pointed hat and is an officially licensed costume product. 

No matter the occasion, whether you are looking to complete a costumed look for Halloween or any holiday, or want to find the perfect party hats to pass out to guests at your special themed celebrations, Windy City Novelties has hundreds of Costume Hat options for you to find the perfect accessory.

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