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Announce School Events with Custom Banners!

Announce School Events with Custom Banners!


As summer vacation comes to an end, kids, parents and teachers start to think about going back to school and resolve to do everything they can to make this school year one of the best ever. Windy City Novelties wants to help get the semester off to a good start with a great selection of custom banners that can be used to welcome new teachers and students, announce auditions and fund raisers, list events and dates for Homecoming week, and advertise dances, fairs, football games, club meetings, and other news.

Windy City's custom banners are made of high-quality vinyl that will be around to welcome kindergarteners to their first day, or greet other students at the start of school for years to come. The custom banners, which can be used indoors or outdoors, are available in five sizes, 12 by 24 inches, 18 by 36 inches, 24 by 48 inches, 36 by 72 inches, and a whopping 48 by 96 inches. All banners, with the exception of the 12 by 24 inch size, have superior grade grommets placed around the edges to make them easy to display. Each banner design has a designated space for you to have a custom message imprinted in your choice of 12 font styles and 24 ink colors, and some of the banners even give you the option of uploading a photograph or logo. The professionally manufactured banners are created with state-of-the-art High Definition Large Format Digital Printers. When you are trying to compete with phones and tablets for a student's attention, a big, colorful banner is just what you need!


On a child's first day of school, he or she may need some comforting and the First Day of School Custom Message Vinyl Banner is sure to perk up weepy kids (and moms). The first day of school custom message banner has a red background that fades from dark at the top to light at the bottom. Yellow block letters spell out the message “First Day of School!” with an apple sitting smack in the middle. A white rectangle is left blank in the center of the banner for a custom message to be imprinted. The side and bottom borders of the banner are decorated with items typically associated with school, including a school bus, American flag, stacks of books, a loaded pencil holder, a chalkboard, and a desk.  A large first day of school banner would look great hanging on the side of the school building, in the front hallway where students enter, or stretched between poles on the school's front lawn! A banner placed outside would also provide a good reminder to drivers to slow down now that school is in session.


The Back to School Fun Custom Message Vinyl Banner is a great way to welcome returning students back to the hallowed halls. The chaotic design of the back to school fun banner will reflect the confusion and excitement that always accompanies the first few days of the fall semester. The back to school fun banner looks like a black chalkboard with a wide, bright green border. A yellow-bordered white rectangle placed near the bottom of the chalkboard is where your custom message will be imprinted.  The top center of the banner features the words “Back to School” in yellow letters outlined in red. A realistic-looking apple is nestled up against the “Back” just waiting for a teacher to take a bite. A traditional yellow pencil – a No.2 no doubt – rests along the top of the message space. The green border of the back to school fun banner is scattered with more pencils, stars, lunch boxes, apples, flags, chalk and erasers, books, and even a slightly premature diploma. The top right and left corners of the blackboard have the words “Back to School” and “Fun” written in white chalk. The back to school fun banner is great for hanging in hallways or classrooms, but is also a good choice to display during open houses that happen before school starts, or for parent/teacher conferences that occur early in the year.


What better way for a teacher to introduce him- or herself to students than with a Chalkboard Custom Photo Banner? Every teacher should probably have one of these made to use year after year. The chalkboard custom photo banner is styled to look like a large green chalkboard in a natural wood frame. A stick of white chalk sits on the ledge in the bottom right corner. The left-hand side of the chalkboard photo banner is where your custom photograph or logo will appear. The remainder of the banner is left blank for your custom message to be imprinted. Teachers can save themselves from having to remind students over and over again of their name and how it is spelled. Just hang up the banner at the beginning of the school year and roll it up to store over the summer months!


The School Colors – Custom Banner also has a chalkboard design, but adds a bit of color with a row of brand-new, multicolored crayons angling into the picture from the bottom right-hand corner.  The wood-framed green chalkboard has “1 2 3  ABC” printed across the top in white chalk. The remainder of the banner is left blank for the custom message to be imprinted. The chalkboard custom banner and the school colors banner are perfect for announcements about science fairs, academic bowls, or young authors competitions. The blank banners would also be great for posting a calendar with reminders about upcoming events, holidays, and even school start and stop times. With the chalkboard custom banner and school colors custom banner, “I forgot” will become an extinct excuse. 


The School Bus Custom Banner is just what schools need to define a location for kids to wait for their ride at the end of the school day. The banner features a blue sky background with a familiar yellow school bus parked next to a wooden fence, waiting for its next load of noisy passengers. Your custom message will appear on the side of the bus. Teachers could use the school bus custom banner to hang in the classroom as a reminder of an upcoming field trip. The banner could also be used to post rules for riding the school bus.


It doesn't take long for clubs, choirs, and sports teams to start recruiting and the Tryouts Advertisement Custom Message Vinyl Banner is sure to grab the attention of prospective members. The tryouts banner features a rainbow background with swipes of purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue angled diagonally from the top left to bottom right  Stars and confetti are scattered across the entire banner. The word “Tryouts!” appears in bold red letters at the top left of the banner, just above a white rectangle left blank for a custom message. A cartoon kid who appears to be wearing a large yellow star, is shouting the news from the right-hand side of the banner. The tryouts banner is not limited to use at schools. It would also be great for community theater groups, as well as amateur choirs and orchestras. Hang it near the message board in the local grocery store for maximum visibility.


Promote a fun fair with the See You at the Fair Custom Message Vinyl Banner.  The rainbow-hued banner is scattered with stars and confetti and has a yellow-bordered rectangle left blank on the right-hand side for a custom message. The words “Fun Fair!” appear at the top of the message box in red, while a clown, dressed for a good time, poses on the left. The first really big event of the high school year is Homecoming. The football team has been practicing all summer in anticipation of the big game, and local florists have laid in a supply of giant pompom mums for moms, alums, and cheerleaders.


The Homecoming Football Custom Message Vinyl Banner is made for advertising the events of homecoming week. The yellow and green banner has the words “Homecoming Football” across the top, while a football appears to burst through the banner on the top left corner. The bottom center of the banner has a white rectangle left blank for a custom message, which is flanked on either side by a football player and a referee. Of course, depending on your point of view, the really big event is Homecoming dance held the next evening! Some schools schedule field days toward the end of the school year when they are tired of lessons and just want to get on with vacation, and others have them at the start of the year to give kids not used to having to sit in the classroom all day a chance to get their wiggles out.


Either way the Star Field Day Custom Message Vinyl Banner will be greeted with cheers when it appears in the halls. The star field day banner is styled in shades of blue with stars bursting from rays of light that stream out from the center. The words “Field Day!” appear in white block letters across the bottom, outlined in red and black, and a white rectangle is centered on the banner to highlight a custom message. Place a second star field day banner outside on school property so community members and parents will know when to come watch the fun.


The weeks of the jam-packed first semester are sure to fly by, and with the help of Windy City Novelties, everyday can be a banner day!

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