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Blue Eyes Party Sunglasses

$4.20 Each

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Jeepers creepers! We know exactly where you got those peepers! Our Bright Blue Eye Billboard Sunglasses are sure to get you plenty of attention when you wear them out and about. This wide eye look will have people staring just not knowing exactly what to think. Our Eyeball Billboard Sunglasses utilize proprietary high-speed technology to print on specialized vinyl material impregnated with vision holes.


They are then applied to the lenses and fitted into trendy black plastic frames. Reminiscent of x-ray specs, our full-color Big Blue Eye Billboard Sunglasses make a great costume accessory. Imprintable Big Blue Eye Billboard Sunglasses make funny personalized party favors for all kinds of parties, events, and promotions. Take a good look at the world with our unique Big Blue Eye Billboard Sunglasses on.