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Celebrate Your Little One’s First Birthday with a Winter One-derland Party!

Celebrate Your Little One’s First Birthday with a Winter One-derland Party!


If your baby girl or baby boy’s first birthday falls during the winter season, then it is the perfect time to throw them a Winter One-derland Birthday Party! “Winter wonderland” serves as a play on words for a first birthday, and makes for an adorable party theme, as well as a relevant one. Use these party ideas and tips for putting together a one-derful and memorable first birthday party for your little one.


Use shades of blue and white for your party’s color scheme.

To convert your home into a winter wonderland, decorate the party space with baby blue, royal blue and white decorations. You can start your decorating process with a scene setter that will function as a giant backdrop for your party. Use a scene setter of a winter storm in a forest, or a fun and kid-friendly snowman scene setter! Simply place the scene setter on an open wall in your home. Your guests may even enjoy taking pictures in front of it!

Next, dangle snowflakes from the ceiling in front of your scene setter to make it appear as if it is snowing on your birthday party. Use white snowflake fan decorations, or be crafty and make your own snowflakes to display. You can also create the illusion of a snowfall by stringing cotton balls onto fishing wire, spreading the cotton balls several inches from each other. However, be sure to make this decoration high enough that young children at the party will not be able to reach it.

For an extra effect, place a fake blanket of snow below the dangling snowflakes!

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Now that you have fashioned a winter wonderland landscape in your home, you can add extra decorations as you please. Hang additional decorations from the ceiling, such as blue or white danglers, or paint silver or blue glitter onto white paper lanterns. You can also place snowflake cutouts onto the walls around your party area.


Continue the blue and white color scheme when decorating the food and dining tables.

You’re going to be serving your guests food at your party—at least cake, anyway—so set up a table to display the delicious snacks and cake. You can also set up tables for your guests to eat at. Use white or blue table covers to place over the tables. If you want to add extra decoration to the tables, such as bunting, tulle or snowflake stringers, you can go ahead and do so. Drape some type of "Happy 1st Birthday" banner above the snack table, or directly on it. 

Add some table decorations to your party setup. For some sparkle and shine, collect fake branches (you can get them at your local craft or home goods store), paint them with glue, and finish them off with a dusting of blue, silver or white glitter. Place them into vases and use them as beautiful table centerpieces, or you can simply place them on the back ends of your snack table. Expand cotton balls, or use some of that fake snow, to create little snow mounds around the bottom of the vases.

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Serve your party foods on snowflake paper platesand napkins to perfectly match the party theme. If you want to be creative, make or serve foods that fit in with the theme, such as powdered sugar donuts (snowballs), white chocolate covered pretzels (snow covered pretzels), and other fun treats. If you’re having this party during the winter season, it’s most likely freezing out. Warm your guests up with some homemade chili, complete with a topping bar of shredded cheeses, sour cream, onions, bacon bits, and any other toppings you enjoy on your chili. If chili is not your style, create a hot chocolate bar for guests to put together a glass of their favorite hot cocoa. 



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