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Costume Accessory Guide:  Hats and Masks

Costume Accessory Guide: Hats and Masks


In order to make a Halloween costume look authentic, you may need to wear a mask or some type of hat. Or, oftentimes, a mask is an easier alternative to elaborate makeup, such as wearing a Freddy Krueger mask, rather than loading on gory makeup. You can also create your own costume with the help of costume accessories! Just add a mask or a hat to your homemade costume. Here is a summary of Windy City Novelties’ costume hats and masks:


Light-Up Hats

Make your Halloween costume stand out by adding a light-up hat! When dressing as a 1920’s gangster, go for the light-up sequin fedora over the plain black fedora to jazz up your costume a tad. Or wear glowing LED eyeball head boppers with your monster or alien costume! Light up accessories are great for Halloween parties in dimly lit places, such as bars and clubs.



Ladies, instead of wearing hats with your costumes, you can put on a cute fascinator with a mini version of the hat! If you want to be a Leprechaun, add a Leprechaun hat fascinator rather than wearing a giant green top hat. You can also add decorated fascinator headbands to 1920’s flapper costumes.


Inflatable Hats

When you want to add a humorous touch to your costume, opt for an oversize, inflatable version of your hat to traditional costumes. For example, add a giant inflatable witch hat to witch costumes, or a huge inflatable pirate hat to your Captain Hook costume.


Animal Hats

If you are planning on being an animal this year, add an animal hat to your costume. Wear an antenna hat with your bug costume, or a pink bunny ears hat to go with your Energizer Bunny costume!


Ladies Hats

Women can find a hat to go with any costume this Halloween in Windy City Novelties’ Ladies Hat section. From tiaras to plush animal ear hoods, you will be able to find any type of hat that you need. Add an Egyptian headpiece to your Cleopatra costume, or a police hat to go with your police officer costume.


Guys Hats

Guys can find hats to go with their costumes under the Guys Hats section. Add a top hat to your Abe Lincoln costume, or a Shuffle Bot headpiece to your LMFAO group costume. You’ll also be able to find a hat to go with your Zorro costume, a Trojan helmet, and much, much more!


Kids Hats

Kids can also find hats in their size under the Kids Hats category! Your little girl can add an adorable black and orange witch hat to her costume, or your son can be an astronaut with an astronaut helmet. You’ll also be able to find tiaras, Minnie Mouse ears, cowboy hats and more.



Holiday Hats

If you are dressing as an elf or a leprechaun, or another holiday character, you can find hats to go with your costume under the Holiday Hats category. Add a Happy New Year top hat to your New Year’s Eve costume, or a Santa hat with your Santa Claus costume.


Feather and Sequin Masks

If you can’t come up with a costume idea for Halloween, you can easily use a masquerade mask to create your own unique costume. Use a feathered mask to make your own bird costume, or a sequin mask to build your own superhero!

Scary Masks

You can also add a frightening mask to spooky costumes, such as a Freddy Krueger mask to your burgundy striped sweater and fedora. Or create your own costume with a general scary mask, such as a werewolf or a zombie.


Movie Character Masks

Piece together your own movie character Halloween costume with a mask and other costume accessories. Use a sheet, boots and a Dobby mask to create a Harry Potter costume, or wear an all-black outfit and add a Halloween mask to be Michael Myers from the popular horror film. You can also add a mask to an existing costume to make it complete, such as a Batman mask to your Dark Knight cape and attire.

TV Character Masks

You can also easily create your own TV character costume with TV Character Masks! Create your own Simpsons costume with a Bart or Homer mask, or go as the lovable Peter Griffin from Family Guy with a Peter mask.



Political Masks

Go as your favorite political figure with a political mask! Wear a suit and go as President Obama, or as former President Clinton.

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