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17 St. Patrick's Day Accessories Perfect for Your St. Patty's Day Celebration

17 St. Patrick's Day Accessories Perfect for Your St. Patty's Day Celebration


St. Patrick's Day is one of those occasions that encourages revelers to dress up. Some individuals will put on silly accessories, while others will keep it simple with a few green articles of clothing. Whether you plan to attend a parade, party or pub crawl on St. Patrick’s Day, you are going to want some green accessories to go with your St. Paddy’s Day attire. Create the perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit with the help of green accessories! Here are some ideas for your luck-of-the-Irish apparel: 


Items shown in image are listed in numbers 1-6.


1. Shamrock Party Glasses

Put the “rock” in “Shamrock” when you don these St. Patrick’s Shamrock Party Glasses this St. Patrick’s Day! Keep it casual by pairing your glasses with a green t-shirt, or go all out and use these glasses to finish off your head-to-toe ensemble.


2. Shamrock Bead Necklaces

Make a statement in these Shamrock Bead Necklaces. Wear one and share the rest with friends, or wear all 12!


3. Velvet Top Hat

Stand out from the crowd at the parade or at the pub in this over-the-top St. Patrick’s Day Velvet Top Hat. Pair your hat with a leprechaun costume or simply wear the hat by itself.


4. Felt Top Hat

If you want to look a little more authentic, top off your leprechaun look in a St. Patrick’s Day Felt Top Hat.


5. Green Sequin Bow Tie

Leprechauns wear bow ties, so add one to your St. Patrick’s Day outfit! Whether you’re male or female, old or young, this Green Sequin Bow Tie will complete your festive look. This bow tie can also function as a headband!


6. Green Glitter Top Hat

If you love to sparkle and shine, this Green Glitter Top Hat is perfect for all your St. Patrick’s Day festivities!


7. Green LED Suspenders

If you’re taking your St. Patrick’s Day celebration from day to night, these Green LED Suspenders are the ideal accessory. Turn them on once the sun goes down and the green light will shine bright, making you the life of the party!


8. Thigh High Socks

Spice up your St. Patrick’s Day look with St. Patrick’s Day Thigh Highs! The green and white stripe of the socks will coordinate with the rest of your all green ensemble.  


9. Light-Up Cup with Lid

If you plan to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade, don’t leave the house without your Green LED Cup! This cup is perfect for keeping the kids entertained, and hydrated, while waiting for the parade to begin with its light-up capabilities.


10. Shamrock Headband

If you don’t want to wear anything too crazy to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, sport a simple and chic Shamrock Headband. The headband features a thin band with a sequined shamrock attached to one side. Match this headband with the rest of your St. Patty’s Day attire.


11. Green LED Shamrock Necklace

If you plan to head to the bars St. Patrick’s Day evening, you might want to add a Green LED Shamrock Necklace to your wardrobe. The necklace lights up in four different modes and will make a bright and cheery addition to your party wear.  


12. Shoe Buckles

If you’re one of those individuals that want to dress from head-to-toe this St. Patrick’s Day, the Lucky Shoe Buckles are a must-have. Your shoes will instantly look like leprechaun shoes when you add these buckles to them. Use them with any pair of shoes you’d like!


13. Green Mustache

I must-ache you a question: How fun will it be when you and your pals don these Green Handlebar Mustaches at all your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Pass them out to guys, girls, kids-whoever!


14. Green LED Necklace

If you’d like to wear something a little more subdued out to the bars this St. Patrick’s Day evening, the Green LED Necklace is the perfect item for that. It hangs closely around your neck and can light up in different modes. You can also wear it over your head as a headband!


15. Beer Mug Necklace

Because beer and St. Patrick’s Day go hand in hand, add a few Gold Bead Beer Mug Necklaces to you St. Patrick’s Day wardrobe. Wear all 12 of the necklaces, or pass them out to your drinking buddies!


16. Green Light-Up Bangle Bracelet

Ladies, and gentlemen, here’s an effortless St. Patrick’s Day accessory: the Green LED Bangle Bracelet! Slide this bangle bracelet on your wrist and light it up when your St. Patrick’s Day party extends into the evening hours.


17. Green Hair Extensions

If you don’t want to dye your hair green for the big day, and you don’t want to wear a full wig, easily clip in these Green Hair Extensions to create a festive look for St. Patrick’s Day! Mix and match these hair extensions with the rest of your St. Patrick’s Day party wear. 


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