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Disco Party Ideas for a 70's Theme Party

Disco Party Ideas for a 70's Theme Party


The 70’s were a fun decade, so hosting a 70’s themed party will guarantee your guests a great time. Invite friends over for a night of costumes, dancing and fun when you throw a disco party! Turn your party space into a disco-dancing dream with the help of 70's theme decorations, and serve foods that were popular during that time. You can add a 70's theme to almost any celebration, such as a birthday party, bachelorette party, graduation party--or have a 70's party just for fun! For those guests that have lived through that era, it will bring back many memories and they’ll have a blast taking a groove down memory lane. Here are some tips on hosting a 70s theme disco party.


Inform your friends, coworkers and neighbors of your fab disco party with groovy invitations--in the 70's there were no e-vites! Make sure they are disco-themed invitations, and full of bright colors to really grab your guests' attention and show them that this is a party they won't want to miss. Include all the details of your party and tell guests to show up in their best 70's attire. 


Disco Decorations

Once you have figured out all the details of your party, you will need 70's decorations to transform your party space into Studio 54. No 70's event is complete without a disco ball, so hang one in the center of your dance floor, party space, or above your snack table. If there will definitely be dancing, add a colorful rotating disco light to the party area. The mirrors on the disco ball will catch the light of the bright lights and will add special effects to your dance floor.  

If your party is a tad more understated, skip hanging the actual disco ball and hang silver paper lanterns around the party area. To add a touch of sparkle, paint your paper lanterns with glue and sprinkle silver glitter over them. These "disco balls" will still catch the light of your colorful, rotating disco ball. 

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 Drape a couple of disco ball beaded door curtains against an open wall in your party space for a cool decoration. Your guests can also use this decoration as a photo booth backdrop for photo opportunities. If you think your party has too much silver decor, add a splash of color by attaching a disco night scene setter to an open wall instead. In addition, add disco dancing silhouettes to the backdrop for your guests to take pictures with! If you're going to have a photo booth at your get-togther, be sure to provide your guests with some far out 70's accessories to wear in their photos. 

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Finally, hang one or two metallic fringe door curtains in your entryway or as a divider from your party area to the dance floor. You can leave them hanging straight down or part them in the middle and secure each side to create a draped curtain. 

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As a fun activity for your party, host a disco dancing contest. Have your guests partner up, leaving out a few volunteer judges, and give them three of four 70's hits to dance to. The judges will walk around during these songs, or watch from afar, and make a note of their favorite dancing couple. Tally the votes and award the winning couple! 


Snack Area Decor

Your guests will want a break from all that dancing, so set up a separate area where they can chill out, mingle and snack. Decorate the snack area in the colorful and shiny decor. Hang a neon "Let's Boogie" sign above the snack table, with retro dancer cutouts attached to the wall just below it. 

Set up a buffet style table with snacks that guests can walk up and grab. Cover the table with a disco floor table cover and set out disco ball paper plates and matching silver napkins for guests to eat off of. Add fiber optic centerpieces and disco ball candle holders as table decorations. 

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Cocktails are necessary if you want your guests to muster up the courage to sing or dance, so be sure to set up a bar with a variety of beverages. To add to the disco club atmosphere, serve your cocktails in light-up glasses. Make and serve foods that were popular in the 70's. For example, for appetizers and finger foods, you could put out cocktail weenies or pigs in a blanket, deviled eggs, Chex mix and crackers with cheese wiz. Fondue also became popular in the 70's, so if you want something a little more sophisticated, cook up a cheese fondue and set out bread pieces and vegetables for an appetizer. For dessert-type snacks, put out Jell-O that is set in a Jell-O mold, and carrot cake bites. 


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